My Glass Family Photos :D

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  1. So i relized that i hadn't posted in a while, and since then my glass collection has only grown. These are most of my pieces, except minus one bubbler that will be added later :D

    Names in order of Pics
    Atlas - picked this one up at the illest headshop in the SLC area: borosyndicate
    The Zong - my first bong that i got in NC
    Molochi- A blue dot, He's jewish and heady...need i say more
    The bat pipe - got it from 3rd eye glass in portland
    Unnamed - another one from 3rd eye, got it for a girl
    Shroomin - 3rd eye again, bowl for my zong
    Daphne- Picked this one up at Rainbow palace in Fort Wayne, IN
    Ghetto! - had 30 minutes, needed a bong, all supplies found in my closet. Diffused Gravity bong :D

    iInhale :D My completely portable, no power or flame required vape :D

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  2. I would upload some milkage, but i'm currently dry
  3. definately some nice glass. my cousin tells me portland has a good glass scene
  4. nice collection. i miss mine, would post but got nosey family over for a while.

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