my give on different ways of smoking

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  1. everything here is gonna be pretty obvious, this is just for fun and discussion.
    well we have 3 properties to consider.
    you can also apply this on every way of smoking, but lets reffer to the main ones.
    edibles(well this isnt realy smoking, but it belongs here imo.)
    mobility: 3, there is no problem taking a small cake with you somewhere
    discreetness: 3, there is no problem eating a small cake in public
    convenience: 1, cooking the weed everytime is a hassle
    a joint
    mobility: 3, easy to carry
    discreetness: 2, the joint is the second most discreet way to smoke cannabis, looks like a cig, smelly though
    convenience: 2, rolling is easy once you get the hang of it, its not a 3 because smoking a joint wastes weed over a bong or a pipe
    avarage sized bong
    mobility: 1, carring a bong around is pretty much out of the question
    discreetness: 1, if you see someone hitting a bong, well, he's hitting a bong
    convenience: 3, getting a hold of some water is no problem in most cases.
    mobility: 3, most pipes are pocket sized
    discreetness: 1, you're not realy gonna blend in if you're outside of a venue hitting a pipe, its not gonna be a big deal but if a cop drives by and spots you, he might approach based on the pipe, which wont happen with a joint
    convenience: 3, pipes are awesome
    but we mustnt forget the most important propety, fun, use what ever you feel like.
    if you're sitting at home and feel like rolling a blunt over you're 500$ roor bong, go for it, if you think you will enjoy a joint better, do it, thats what its all about.


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