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  1. Greetings,
    I have just discovered this forum and have enjoyed what I have found. I would like to offer up my girls for you viewing pleasure. They were germinated the last week of April and are about 3 feet tall. I bend them over as they grow to keep them fairly low to the ground.

    Plant 1:

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  2. This is plant 2:

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  3. This one is an experiment to grow it in the middle of lillys and split leaf philadendroms.

    Plant 3:

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  4. is plant 1 and plant 2 only one plant.if so damn they got alot of leaves.Mine arnt even close to that big and i plante them early may.What did u do to make them so bushy?
  5. Yep they're 1 plant each. Might be the Florida sunshine, I mix a couple gallon buckets of cow manure compost in with the sandy soil and feed Peters plant food once a week. I've never pruned them just bend the top over every couple weeks so they look more like the bushes theyre planted by then a christmas tree. On the plant 1 picture you can see the orange string tied to the top on the left side...I'll update these pics every so often. Hopefully in about 40 days I should see the first signs of budding. That is if a hurricane dosent come and wipe them out.
  6. Nice bushes man but dont they have to get a lot bigger before they start producing buds i couldnt tell by the picture if they were or were not?
  7. No buds yet...I dont expect to see any bud activity for at least a month. Generally I dont see anything till about 30 days past the summer solstice. About the end of July I'll post some updated pics of the beginning of the bud cycle. Hopefully they will be about 5-6 ft tall and 8 ft wide by then.
  8. Progressing nicely :)
  9. damn, thats nice....keep us posted.

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