My girls 1 week into flower. How am I doing?

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    Just thought I'd post a few pictures of my ladies. I can practically guarantee i screwed something up while uploading/ resizing all this stuff, so bare with me. The fact I smoked a few bowls is also making this take a very long time.

    They are currently under a 600watt HPS, one week into flower in the most developed pictures. Other pictures are of the first day of flowering a week or so ago. Vegging was about 3 weeks of CFLs, then one final week under a 600 watt MH. This is my first serious grow, messed around with a few small microgrows and PC builds just for fun. Plants are 2 name brands that I will reveal later with smoke reports and such, along with 2 bag seed from some mids. I think the pictures show which ones are store bought seeds, which were from pickups. Last shot is of my mini vegging box. Also has a matching box underneath it, allowing for about 12 plants to veg/sprout effectively. The smaller plant in the middle is one I've been experimenting on. Trying to see how much I can beat the little thing up and still get it to remain female and produce bud.

    Thanks for looking, all comments and tips are much appreciated. Toke on

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