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My Girlfriends REALLY BAD REACTION!!! HELP HELP HELP, anyone who has same experiance

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JakeSmith420, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Ok my girlfriend had a really really bad reaction when she had around 3 puffs of a joint.

    Ok we were chilling out for the day woke up in the afternoon around 12pm, watching tv til the late afternoon 1pm, we both just ate some ice cream and some tea and two beers around 3-5pm.

    As we were cooking dinner, I rolled a joint on and it was standard joint 3 paper one and we sat outside and smoke only half of it around 7. We listing to music and looking at 9gag. About 10 min later she did not feel good and sat on the ground. She thought she was going throw up. I moved her on to the couch and gave her a blanket because she was cold.

    I was also stoned and ive done it many times and I was fine. While I had my buzz so did she, I think she just had a bad buzz, but she told me that she has tried weed only two times before and had not really worked for her but this time it was bad.

    Now it the morning and she said she had an alright sleep, in the morning she ate some cereal some tea and some biscuits. She says she is just really tired as if she just went to the gym for 3hours straight and now having a little sleep.

    So it this normal or a bad reaction. ive seen some before but not that way
  2. She greened out
  3. It happens to some people, especially to girls. It could be a one time thing, but I would not be surprised if eventually she starts having panic attacks when she smokes. It's mainly in her head and there's not much that can be done.

    IMO the best thing to do for people who have unhappy experiences when smoking, is to not pressure them to smoke.
  4. My GFs first time smoking had a similar reaction. She has a morbid fear of puking, so that did not help the situation. She took a huge hit (impressed me lol) out of my bowl (she smoked one earlier that day too) and just greened out.

    and lol9gag
  5. Well if she has only smoked 2 times before why did you roll a fatty? People that are still new to smoking need to take it easy or else they will decide never to smoke again. That's why a lot of people are against it. :smoke:
  6. Did she smoke too much? Make sure she eats. She could have low blood sugar.

    It happens when we get too much smoke in our ovaries. ;)
  7. No This happens because she has virgin lungs, i remember this happening when i smoked too much baccy too fast. Let her take 1 puff every 10 minutes and when shes ready take another. Don't rush her motherfucker. :p
  8. I have the experience needed for this question. She was high as fuck.
  9. with the tobacco feeling like your gonna puke the first times is from the nicotine it happens to people new to dipping too. It could be the lungs though too I've seen people take hits and start coughing a bunch and say they're gonna yack
  10. Ya she smoked too much. What were you even thinking smoking a 3 paper joint with someone who doesnt even blaze? anda normal 3 paper joint? a 3 paper is nothing but normal, maybe excessive but not normal lol. And to the person that said she will probably have panic attacks if she keeps smoking, I agree with that. This is all in her head, when people have problems smoking weed it is 99% of the time in their head! and what is up with the HELP!HELP!HELP!, dont do this unless someone is like dieng your question really wasnt important

  11. Serious as a heart attack. I just pray the medicinal patients can learn something from this.
  12. yes all those threads were very very very helpful, i just logged back on, claytonb11 your right the help help help was a bit over the top its just I wanted information fast and ive never seen that type of reaction before and she is all right now. But still you guys have all help tremendously
  13. Holy fuck son, relax, she was high.
  14. your weed was obviously laced with meth and crack and acid and shrooms. its the only logical explination
  15. glad you realise lol...I wasnt trying to be mean just saying...I thought it was gonna be someone who thought they were overdosing on weed lol
  16. that happened my 3rd or 4th time to me, first time smoking a joint it smacked me hard and i felt like shit, i started to relax and it was the most intense good high i have had to date. But ya just let her know its normal and not to give up on it :smoke:

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