My girlfriend tried to commit suicide.

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  1. Iv been with my (Ex) Girlfriend for a year and 2 week.
    Pretty long time if you ask me. We broke up about 4 days ago, I just
    seriously couldnt take the arguments, and she hated weed :confused:.

    Now this is where shit got serious, she told me shes going to overdose on Ibuprofen
    and ran off.
    15 minutes later i find her, with 4 empty packets and 2 more to go.
    I tried to take them off her but she punched me in the face. Fuck. :mad:

    Now this is where it gets nasty, after about 30 mintues talking to her and trying to get the pills off her she goes all drowsy, and ha to sit down. I call the ambulance and the amblunace took her.
    She now has to see a psychiatrist every weekend.

    Messed up shit if you ask me...
    All i feel like doing now is getting all blazed up, forget this mess. :smoke:
  2. Sounds like one crazy bitch, if ya ask me...
  3. Trust me, i think the same thing.

    Finally got away from that
  4. Yeah, just run and don't look back brother.. It's those type that will try anything to get your baby butter inside her.. to trap you.

    ^ it's happened to me.. hah
  5. Get away from that as fast as possible. No reason to go down with her.
  6. Take a botany class, pick any girl.
  7. Or Home Ec, lots of pickins to be had there. ;)
  8. Defo away from that.
    She still sends me texts like
    "Im bored, call me? :)"
    And im all like :s

    Mann, Fucked
  9. Remind her she tried to kill herself and you don't need someone as unstable as that in your life. I've been there before, it sounds harsh at first but it needs to be done if she won't let go.
  10. Ibuprofen? It's sad that your ex wanted to commit suicide, but Ibuprofen? Really? ... Sigh
  11. :laughing: LMAO, cruel but I laughed at this! Glad I wasn't the only one thinking that.
  12. all that ibuprofen is gonna do is make you sick, if she truly wanted to die shed of chose something a little more intense
  13. 56 Pills though.

    Went she went hospital they also found out shes Anemic, and no one knew.

    But ah well...
  14. Who the fuck takes ibuprofin??? She didn't want to die, she just wants attention. That girl needs help.

  15. My thoughts exactly.

    My first serious boyfriend committed suicide 2 years ago. Actually it will be two years tomorrow..

    Rough shit man.

    Just don't get back with her she sounds like a basket-case.

  16. Forget that chick and let the psychiatrist be her attention-giver.
  17. Google asks...did you mean;

    Baby Batter?
  18. Never talk 2 her again.
  19. I drank a bottle of crown and went driving with intentions of wrecking my car to kill my self.

    ...>>I was pretty fucking stupid.
  20. Please jump off a roof next time. That way you won't take anyone down with you.

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