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My girlfriend just ate my pot waffle

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Masonsmokes, Aug 13, 2011.

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    Hahahahahahahaha. So my girlfriend just ate the leftover waffle I had in the fridge while I was taking a snooze. Little did she know that it was a CANNA-OIL Chocolate Chip Belgian waffle.
    Then when I was going to resume eating it, it was gone. So I asked about it. She was like "Oh yeah I ate that",
    I totally thought she was fucking with me, so I told her that there was Canna-oil in it and she responded. "There's canola oil in there! I'm going to get fat"
    She was already high!

    EDIT: She has never smoked by the way, ever.
    I've never laughed so hard.
  2. Pics or you dont have a girlfriend and have never spoken to a girl in your life
  3. Nothing you can do except laugh with her. Spark up a bowl and enjoy your Friday evening :hello:
  4. Oh boy, lol.
  5. i laughed a little. +awesome to you. And she can't already be high from eating it. Takes a little bit to digest
  6. She did fine, she kinda liked it.
    We did end up fucking though, so that was a plus for me.
    Anyways, don't think I will keep those layin' around.
  7. #7 Masonsmokes, Aug 13, 2011
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    I was napping man. It was in the fridge. She ate it 45 minutes prior to me bringing it up.
  8. Dude, that sounds really good right now.
  9. i'll give you a Belgian waffel;)
  10. damn how much herb was in that waffle?
  11. Couldn't give you a very accurate estimate honestly, I have one of these said waffles every morning. So I pre-make all the batter every Sunday so I just wake up and pour it on the skillet. :devious: I had happened to not finish the waffle that morning.

    But if I had to guess. Prolly a .6-.8, the usual.

    Shit still funny, she was a really good sport about it too, halfway expected her to be mad. Oh well, :smoking:
  12. Thanks man, my damn girlfriend ate all mine! :D

  13. Dude it took about 15 minutes to hit my mom when she ate one of my fire crackers... stuff takes me hours it hit her hella fast.
  14. #14 559420, Aug 14, 2011
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    One of the best BJ'S u will ever get is when she's high. It's like they more into it. IDK.
  15. agreed! i ate 2 brownies one day and got a bj in a wal mart parking lot. it was out of this world good.:hello:
  16. why the hell did i just clik on this god damn belgium waffle page, its 12.19am and ive got the munchies for a belguim waffle, fuk! kitkat wl have to do:(
  17. lol u should be like hey babe since you've been high already u wanna come toke with me? :smoke:
  18. I could have, but I'm pretty cool with the standpoint in our relationship, she is 21, I'm 20, alcohol is her vice. Pot is mine, she drinks wine, I smoke a blunt, we go to a club, I make edibles. She's never smoked before, and my father went to rehab for alcoholism recently so I've quit drinking. Plus, she's hot as fuck, and down to earth.

    Invest in a 20 dollar skillet, 2 dollar batter, canna-oil, milk, and an egg. And you'll be in luck, easiest 3 minutes breakfast to get you baked to start your day. :smoke:
  19. High Blows <3 have fun, worth every single bite of that waffle if she gives you a good time
  20. hahaa nice man, this thread made me laugh pretty fuckin hard. :)

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