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My girlfriend hates me smoking pot, what do I do?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Titch, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    My girlfriend and I have been together for about 6 months now and I really want to make this work, so I'm not going to leave her, as much as she annoys me. ;)
    Basically, she hates it when I smoke pot. She knows I've been doing it for a while; I used to be doing it 3 or 4 times a week, now I'm on a t-break and she knows that.
    However, I got stoned last weekend (my break started after that) and she totally flipped sh*t, major hissy fit.
    She says she'll leave me if I start smoking often again. She said she can kind of cope with me doing it once in a while, but if I smoke more often, she'll leave my ass.
    She's been in a 'clean' environment her entire life, whereas I've been around drugs since I was a kid, I won't go in to it. She's about as anti-pot as you can get, whereas I most definitely am not... :smoke:

    Any suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated.


    Titch. :wave:
  2. Don't smoke pot.
  3. Dump her. 6 months is nothing in the grand scheme of things.
  4. Grow a spine.
  5. tell her you are you, and unless weed literally hinders you to the point of retardation, and you can function just fine, you see NO reason she should control what you do. She isnt your mom, she aint your wife.....

    tell her that she clearly just has control issues, and or doesnt understand how weed benefits you
  6. Well there's a lot of choices for this. . . . . I'll list them off.

    1. You can either hide it from her, don't show signs, and shit. Your choice.

    2. Just stop and don't smoke for a little while. Your choice as well.

    3. You can either talk to her and describe to her how you wont fuck it up and that it's your way of life and try to get her to be fine with it. Your choice.

    Either way it's your choice, we can't fucking solve your problems. lol
  7. She gave you an ultimatum. Once that happens all hope is lost. It will be the first in a long long line of "if you do X, I will leave you," scenarios she'll pull on you. Especially if you allow it to work!

    As I said in my previous post, dump her move on to some one who tokes or is truly OK with it.

  8. This is the truth, there are 2 options from the ultimatum....

    Do what i said, and tell her to fuck off because its not a problem and she is just making it one, and assert the fact you will NOT tolerate fucking ultimatums

    or bail out now before it gets worse
  9. don't date stupid people

  10. By giving him ideas on what to do, i'm sure we can "fucking solve his problems" ;)

    So please, lay back a bit before this turns into an argument :)
  11. I've already said I'm not gonna dump her, but thanks for the suggestion.

    It doesn't hinder me at all, I'm still perfectly able to do shit when I'm stoned.
    There's no point hiding it or anything, we've spoken about it, I've exhausted every possible option without being an arrogant arsehole.

    I just need any tips for making her be ok with it.
    I've educated her on it etc, but she says she doesn't like the people she associates it with... Which I flipped total shit at.
    She's just very, very uneducated about it, I just need to make her see that it's not hindering me, there's nothing bad about it etc.
    Any tips?
  12. Hm, unless you consider her "the one" I would just tell her she has to do what she has to do...and you will be you. She knew who you were before dating so she needs to put her repair kit away and just enjoy the company of another person.
  13. Try to explain/educate her about weed. Then again it could just be that she doesnt like seeing you all monged out.

  14. so she doesnt like you, in other words?

    Cancer patients?

    Aids patients?

    Elderly with aging pains?

    Is she aware its not only gangstas and idiotic childish fucking chimpanzees that smoke weed?

    Have her watch the union man
  15. Have her watch The Union, Dude!

    But man, if my gal wasn't cool with my marijuana hobby....well fuck that lol.

    Hopefully it all works out with you guys though. But dude just remember there are always more fish in the sea. 6 months isn't long enough to be telling to what to do IMO.
  16. I'd just try and convince her of the benifits of Cannabis. There are plenty, just read up on the facts and go from there.

    If you've been doing it for a long time before you met her, then she should accept you for you who are. Unless you hid it from her to begin with, then that's your bad and you need to choose which is more important to you in the grand scheme of things.

    Take care bro!

    P.s. Going to One Love Festival in Kent this August? :D
  17. I think the ultimatum was empty, she's too clingy to dump me, so it's not really hindering our relationship. I just need that woman to be cool with it with minimal arguing involved.
  18. Damn you beat me to it lol
  19. Blow the smoke in her face. :cool:

  20. Blow your load in her face.*

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