My Girlfriend Fucked My Wife

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  1. Ive been on the city for a while now and I almost feel like I need a 
    The situation is true/true.. And I gotta share it ( havent been on GC for sometime)
       But here it goes.. I started a new job in November and I met this this chick .. cute/punky/horny as fuck! We all hang out a few times (work folk) and one night we kissed. Soon after, she started "sexting" me, and honestly it made me feel young again. Long story shorter, wife saw the text. I thought my marriage was over, but it was only the begining. My wife says she's more upset that I didnt invite/involve her in the  situation that began to take place.  So a few weeks later I introduce them to one another. That night The girl from work and I fuck my wife silly! I get a blowjob sandwich that you wouldnt believe! Wife loved her!!! Saw the same qualities as I did, which was a shock if you knew the wife.
    A few days later we all hung out and got drunk while watching the last UFC fight. A little kiss/kiss here and there and it happened again.
    SO the next morning I wake up with a hard on to slay. I start to fuck the GF and my wife is totally turned on by it. Giving directions, rubbing her clit,.. reeeeaally into it. I cum 30 min. later and wonder... Soooo now I sit here today with an insecure wife and GF who is expected more. I love my wife to death.. especially after this, but how the fuck do I keep em both happy?
    YEAH/YEAh/YEah.. Ima pig yada yada yada..
    1.) Im hoping someones been there
    2.) I just had to share (cant tell too many others)

  2. I don't see any pictures in this thread.
  3. You have peaked my interest...

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    i fucking lost it here
  5. I was totally expecting a story about your GF an your wife fucking eachother without you and you walked in on it :laughing: good job man you're wife sounds like a legit woman.
  6. Pics or it didnt happen

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    Its ironic that the since the outcome came out well, most wont bash you for cheating.  Had the story ended with the cheating people would most likely be all over you.  I find it sad, so much for commitment, no offense but your wife deserves better.  That said, congrats on the 3some
  8. So this does happen outside of porno? Niceeeee......
  9. Sounds like a win/win/win to me.
  10. Start doing keegles and cardio

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  11. That is just full of win. :metal:
  12. Sounds like a porn movie
  13. These situations where you involve someone from your work never end well. 
    been there, done that.  
    Unless, you can all agree to be a poly triangle.  But that has to be discussed by ALL of you. 
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    wow seriously shit sounds like ur wifey and ur bitch are leading you into some giant ass plot which involves them murdering you in bed in the end
  15. Well, I find this situation weird.
  16. Now is when you tell your wife she can only fuck girls when your involved.

    Nat relly. Your wife is the chosen one

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