My girlfriend catches a very (bad)..high..

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  1. Okay every my names Alex 20 years old just moved from Florida to Staten island newyork my girlfriend of 8months smoked with me like a couple of months ago actually lemme start from the beginning.

    Okay first off she's like one of those I have to smoke for my anxiety type of smokers. And we blew it Down on a daily basis for the first couple of months then one night we purchased a fat dub A-B-C the whole blunt. Me her and a guy friend, 10mins pass by she get the ghost face,20 mins later were in the car she starts bugging out "Alex I can't drive but we have to go!" So we leave to drive around for about 1hour and 30mins and the whole time were driving she's crying year running down her face.screaming that she doesn't like this feeling and that she wants it to stop so I told her to calm down and she's yelling and dodging traffic and being high as a kite screaming and yelling at me. By this time I'm shutting my pants thinking of a solution to save my life b4 I die in a horrific car accident. Suddenly she stops and I explained to her that..certain types of weed make you feel a different way etc..
    And she starts calming down her face mild slight white lips and pupils returning to normal size. But.she is convinced that she just did crack and over in a blunt. And I kept repeating your fine i

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