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  1. can someone tell me how my girl looks and give me a guesstimate on how long till it may be
    This is a bag find

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  2. Is that a outdoor or indoor grow?
  3. maybe like 4 weeks? Better to see the entire plant.
  4. Inside run 10 weeks actual minimum.
    Outside will be done mid to late Oct.

  5. It’s an outside plant it’s been in flowering since early July but just doesn’t look anywhere near done
    I was guessing week 5 but I am new at this
    Here’s a pic taken few days ago

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  6. This was taken a few days ago

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  7. Outdoor
  8. I really appreciate the input
    I was concerned about the slight yellowing but read that it’s going to happen week 4-5
  9. oh outdoor, me no outdoor; please follow @BrassNwood he know what he's talking about.
    The yellowing is a nitrogen deficiency, but its mobilizing it to the tops, so its ok. Suppose to yellow imo.

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