My Girl won't stop growing?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by jspuck25, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Alright my plant is in about the 20th day of flowering and is about five feet tall. I only have 8 foot celings and was wondering at any point in flowering does the plant stop growing vertically? No I didn't top of fim it, I didn't think I would get this far.
  2. it should only grow for another week at the should be all good
  3. tie that girl down...let it grow out
  4. Yea dude let it grow all the way thru until u have to chop it lol ull be happy with all the bud
  5. Whats with all these answers... damn
    Im sure if that plant is 5 feet tall and almost halfway through the flowering stage the stem has pretty much turned into a trunk. Tieing that plant down would be next to impossable and you risk snapping it quite easily putting that stress on the main stalk like that which is why most people start training or "tieing" their plant down at any early age.
    Plants usualy double in size during the flowering process, generaly its outwards but all this dependsin on the strain, as you have found out the hard way. The last 2 or so weeks the plant has usualy stopped growing and is focuseing on bulking up those nice buds, all in all i would say you should be safe if you are at 5 feet right now and have 8 feet to work with, you should only be looking at an added extra half a foot if that when its all said and done.
  6. Damn, you let them stay in the veg stage too long! I have 8 ft ceilings as well, and let my plants veg untill they are 3 ft tall, then when I am done about 9 weeks, they are a good 7 ft tall, damn near the ceiling.

    If you are only 20 days in, there is a good chance you are going to hit the ceiling!

  7. ^^^^^^ This is a terrible answer, how can you possibly judge his against yours if you do not have a clue what strain it is or anything ?
  8. Plants grow like crazy at the first couple weeks of flowering but then really slow down and focus on bud growth, not adding hight. You should be fine. I bet they'll finish at about 6 -6 1/2 tall. If they do get too tall you CAN LST. The main stalk will be woody but you can still bend the tips down some.
  9. A big plant is not a catastrophe. Train what tops you can gradually if you end up hitting the ceiling. Also, there is always the option of knocking out the ceiling and letting it grow into the attic a few feet. LOL. Lots of options. Use your highly evolved primate brain.


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