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My girl wants to smoke with me...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Twist3d, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. So, yeah, I have a 1/4 of dank, I dont know if I can give that to her... Im kinda worriend cause I want her to like it...

    Joint or pipe? For the first time?

    What if she gets super high easily and starts to freak out... ? Idk dude, everyone I know started smoking with schwag...

    Any advice?

    Thanks :smoke:
  2. So YOU can get higher, roll a joint of dank. Have her take 2 hits and wait about 10 minutes to see if she's high, if so, no more hits for her and she can enjoy it while u take the rest to your face and get blazed.
  3. Definetely a joint or blunt for the first smoke, its much easier to inhale correctly
  4. nah, get a bong and hotbox some shit :smoke:

    then smash :cool:
  5. if you can teach her how to properly hit a bong, then do that. It forces the smoke in to your lungs so your bound to get her high
  6. DO NOT USE A BLUNT! The last thing you want is to get your loved one hooked on tobacco! t would also be very harsh.
    First watch The Union with her(see my sig down there).

    Explain how you normally feelafter using cannabis.

    Things to tell her for preparation:
    -Always stay hydrated DURING AND AFTER smoking, keep cold water within reach at all times(very important as you can dehydrate easily after using).

    -Do not use cannabis on an empty stomach(eating a light meal or healthy snack a half hour before is ideal).

    -Take deep breathes and remain RELAXED! VERY IMPORTANT!!! Playing chill music that she likes is key!

    -First, have her take a few decent sized hits from a pipe or joint, wait 20-30 minutes, see how she feels, and continue from there.
    REMEMBER, it takes longer to kick in for people who dont use it very often, dont smoke too much too fast or she WILL freak out. TAKE IT SLOW.

    Heres a great link just for good measure :) Annual Causes of Death in the United States | Drug War Facts
  7. Pipe, but take it slow. Let her take a hit or two and see how she feels. Remember, you can always have more, but never less.
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    i didnt get high from smoking until i bought a bong sadly, and i got fucking ripppppppedddddd uppppppppppppp

    seriously joints and blunts probably burn away half of your weed.

    pipes are freaking nasty to me... and i must be a retard cuz i couldnt inhale right for shit.

    but i bought a bong and the hits are so easy.. you dont even feel the smoke until after u exhale... its like breathing in cold air basically... its so easy on newbies like myself.

    you should buy a cheap bong (although i think every stoner should have a sick bong) have your girl get faded and make love like theres no tomorrow my friend.

    and by the way like the others said take it slow....

    my first bong hit was a gigantic rip of blueberry kush which was an extremely stupid fucking mistake for my first time because i was paranoid off my ass... but the second time i did it i was in heaven for a good 5 hours

  9. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKio8CLxQ_U]YouTube - Tik Tok - Ke (Lyrics)[/ame]

    har har har but seriously, basically everything Deisel just listed. Although, in my experience, girls are too impatient to watch The Union.
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    Well, i just smoked up my girl for the first time not too long ago, smoked her up with a mix of mids and dank through a bowl. I'd teach her how to hit a bong first, so you get the complex shit out of the way so it makes it easier to teach her how to hit a bowl correctly, and how to hit a bong correctly. For some reason new girl smokers think all our pieces are so fucking complex, they dont know how we do it.

    Also most people dont feel it on the first time, so tell her that if you dont want her to get RIPPED. She wont notice shes high, but you definatly will lolol.

    If you dont have a bong, go with a clean pipe. Thats just my two cents though.
  11. HEY, im of the female type! You better watch what you say bout bitches haha

    Tell your girl that if she wants to get high with you, all you have to do is watch a movie together, and PAY ATTENTION to it.lol
  12. Pipe. Little hits.
    Enjoy :smoke:

  13. This ^

    A joint wouldn't be bad, but I'd prefer a pipe.

    She'll most likely give you props for having good tasting weed. :D

    Good luck! :smoke:

  14. im not challeneging what youve said. but how can you get addicted to tobbaco through blunts? i started smoking blunts occasionally and never felt addicted. then i started smoking daily and never got addicted. of course i smoke cigs now. but this was back when i never touched a cig.

  15. Is it really this complicated?

    Roll, a joint, let her hit it a few times, help her understand how, and take it from there.

    Freakouts happen, and they are not that bad. Even if she freaks out you will look like a god damn hero when you help her relax.
  16. You can become addicted to doing something every week, oncce a day, a few times a week,etc.
    If you dont know how and why people become addicted to tobacco, then i cant help you.

    Are you trying to say that blunts and cigars DONT contain tobacco?
  17. Yeah i stopped smoking cigs and still smoke blunts which even that is rare. So yeah no connection to addiction. Tobacco for me just isn't addictive because you realize its almost useless compared to ganja.

  18. no im not saying that. but the amount of tobacco in a blunt isnt alot. its only the wrap that contains tobacco.
  19. I'd make sure it's just you and her, in a setting she's comfortable with, and with a pipe. The first time my girl smoked way back in the day was with a little spoon I had. We had three bowls and she was so mega ripped and she was loving it.

    She was so baked she couldn't even process her thoughts. I still remember her trying to explain cottonmouth to me. She said, "shop fish water water!" Then she mellowed out and just loved it.
  20. Right, which is ALL of the blunt. haha
    So, you started smoking blunts, and now you smoke cigs, correct? I think your addicted. :p

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