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  1. Ok guys, here are some New Pics of my Girl named "STRESS." i call her that because i know she will get rid of a lot of that after its time to harvest... she is now 10 inches tall, and has been in flowering for about a week.. im growing with all Floro bulbs,, and i think i have enough... what do u guys think? how do u think she will come out? and what kinda plant does this look like? im in the dark

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  2. ...another

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  3. and a Top view

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  4. well check it out,, u see those Bulbs,, but i also have a 500W Floro on top of it,... it pushes 5000 lumens or more,, and those other floro bulbs push 1100 lumens a peice.. at 19w.. i have 2 floro 19w pushing 1100 lumens, so thats 2200, plus those other 2 that are at 20w a peice.. pushing 1500 lumens and another Floro Tube that u cant see in the pic pushing 20w.. there is plenty of light in there man.. i need sun glasses to look in the box..i mean if u think it needs more then ill put more.. but i have a lot.. and those Bulbs work better than the Tubes i heard.
  5. check it out.. i mean im growing 1 plant, look at all the lights i have in there...and the box its in is not big at all,, its like 2 and a half feet high and 2 feet wide..

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  6. well i added yet ANOTHER floro light.. so that makes 7 lights total i have in that box.. its like a big fukin box of Sunshine! ill be damned if that plant wasnt getting enough light be 4.. i mean peep the Pic.. and now picture another light added to the rest of those.. i hope somthing good happens
  7. using the 10" plant for scale it looks like the coil flouros are at least 10" from the plant an the tube is at least 6" above the top. i'd find some way to get all lights within 2" of the plant and give it plenty of fresh air, even blow on it occasionally. the arrangement of the lights looks good though.

    best wishes.
  8. Im sorry but that was funny,

    Ya I think you got as much light in that box as you can, Is the plug on the wall gettin warm!
  9. well yea, it looks as if i have them far away from the plant, but its sort of an illusion.. the big light at the top is like 2 and a half inches away from the top of the plant.. and those other bulbs in the back are like 5 inches from the plant, and the other 2, well 3 now but they are like 2 inches from the plant,,, now the tube, yea i got that shit like 10 inces from the plant because im runnin out of room! HAHAHA and YES the outlet is very warm for the 12 hours its on, but even if its 10 inches away. hahaha i think thats enough im serious.. u gotta wear like a Welding mask to look in there!
  10. Oh yea, and i have plenty of fresh air floating through there... if u look to the left of the pic u can see a black square i cut out so my fan can blow fresh air into the box, and to the right of that on the other side of the box is a big computer fan to blow the used air out... trust me my shits hooooked up.. thanks to everyone and there help. ill make sure to mail u each a bong hit of "Stress."
  11. No mean to be wierd about this , but i think if woody says u need more light then u do , have u seen his harvest , i mean god damn , well im not trying to be an ass but we should listen to experts.........
  12. what woody means is that if you have to grow with fluros they don't give out the same power as say an HPS, hence more=better.......mainly due to the fact that during flowering the plant likes a red spectrum of light, more than a blue........hence........ red(HPS)=more buds........BLUE(Fluros)=less it's a case of the more the merrier to compensate for having to grow using fluros, and during flowering the plant does need lots...........Peace out.......Sid

    ps if you think your box is bright with those fluros, try a 3x3 with a 400wHPS pushing 45,000 lumens, and a 150MH pushing 13,500.....that's 58,500 that's bright........or even brighter.......woody's room with approx 6 600wHPS........that's 405,000 lumens!!......and my eyes hurt in his room!...........

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