My girl just broke up with me :(

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  1. what's going on blades. so my girlfriend of 9 months just broke up with me. I can't believe this is happening. I've gone through so much with this girl, i lost my virginity to her and this was the longest relationship i've been in. she helped me through a lot and made me so happy. now i'm just so depressed. i don't know why i'm posting this on a weed forum, i just need to get it all out. I need some good vibes from you guys  :(

  2. Toke up. Surround yourself with some good friends and talk it out. That's what I did when my boy friend of two years broke up with me.

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  3. Blow smoke, alllllllllll night.
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    My condolences, right now you probably feel like you've lost something very dear to you, and it's natural to feel that way. Just know that there are still other people around you that can help you. Try not to mourn the loss too much though, accept that both of you must have changed  and that what happened was inevitably going to happen, the sooner the less painful. 
  5. best advice right here.

    just go have fun with your buddies, take your mind off things, start talking to other girls again.

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  6. You're probably a chump and wiped her ass, so she was like nuh huh i can wipe my own ass. 
    What i'm saying is, you nailed the white knight act. Maybe I'm wrong. Who knows, thats just my guess on your shitty relationship.

  7. no need for this, man.
  8. Back in the saddle
    plenty of fish in the sea
    you'll find a +1
    she wasn't the one anyway
    most people go through it
    etc etc
    as for the good vibes?

  9. +rep for rebelution. i wish we still had rep..

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  10. My apologies, it may have came off a little harsh. Just trying to say there maybe a lesson in all this. 
  11. Lotto alcohol
  12. now there's an idea
  13. Careful with the alcohol. Too much can lead to drunk dialing...
    Definitely this, alcohol isn't really much of a help. Just give yourself time bro, as they say time heals all wounds.
  15. On to the next one. if you just hang out by yourself your gonna dwell on the past and you're just gonna feel more hurt. Start talking to other girls and hang out with your homeboys. 
  16. Have some drinks, have some smoke, tell your friends about what happened ONCE and then just enjoy your night, gettin shit faced and you sit there and talk about the past like its still happening.. Like a missed field goal or some shit, shit happens, practice and move on
  17. People said drinking leads to drunk dialing, just delete her number. That's why I don't memorize a girls number.
  18. Trust me man she did you a favor. These days first loves rarely last "forever". Many people I know found out they missed out on a a lot and end up regretting/resenting their partner. To have 1 relationship/love stunts your emotional growth/maturity.
    Just another lesson in life, you have plenty more lessons to learn young padawan.
    Chalk it up to experience. You'll probably end up looking back on it fondly at some point and laugh at yourself that you got upset all those years ago. 
  19. thanks blades, i've thought about it and i think i'm just gonna be better off without her. no woman no cry right?
  20. hell yeah. Seriously man it's not worth being a sad and bitchy over a girl. It'll only hurt you. Girls are always have the upperhand in most situations. They can usually find a guy right away and can with no problems.

    Do shit to get your self in a better place. Make her see she's the one that lost something good. Nahmsayin

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