My girl is yellowing :( Any ideas?

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  1. Hey gents well got a slight issue at hand and i am not sure that it is necessarily normal. Currently growing her in Fox Farms Ocean Forest. PH is around 6-6.5 and room temp is around eh id say 84 and has been most of her life. However currently starting flowering her on 3/2 so id say 22 Days in or so. Lower / Upper leaves are starting to turn yellow and die. Now i assume this might be the normal process of the buds reaping all the energy from the flower i am not sure. But for only 22 days in seems a bit early.

    Also on the still greenish leaves that i have there are dark green spots all over them i cant seem to find anything about this at all. There are a few brown spots on some of the yellow leaves but nothing that i would say is obvious to me at this stage. I have been feeding them a mild emulsion of Earth Juice Bloom and a little bit of Cal Mag to hopefully get the purple stems to go away. I really am at a loss for words on this one guys. Any help would be appreciated as i sure don't want it dying. I have included pictures below.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. how much you feeding them? Looks like they could use some more nitrogen. They should not yellow naturally till the very end. Like last week maybe 2.
  3. Yup they look N deficient, hit em with some N you still have a long way to go in flowering so your good.
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    Lately i have been feeding them every time i water id say i started this about 4 or 5 days ago. I am feeding them with Earth Juice Bloom which apparently has a Guaranteed Analysis of 0-3-1 Available Phosphate 3.00% and Soluble Potash 1.00 %..

    However before she was flowering i was feeding it Earth Juice Grow with a Guaranteed Analysis of 2-1-1.. Now keep in mind this is my very first grow ever so i think its not doing to bad id say. However i have heard that in Flowering i can screw things up by feeding N. I was not feeding regularly with the Earth Juice bloom as i didn't want to burn anything, but i never really knew when she was hungry. So again i am kinda at a loss from words hopefully you guys can get me pointed in the right direction.

    Also the stems to all the leaves seem to be a fairly vibrant purple color. So being the newb grower i am i keep thing magnesium or calcium.. But i dont want to overdue things to much. I did not know if it was related to the same problem i am having.
  5. You are fine adding N in flower. You just don't want to add so much they can't use it all up before harvest. What I do is the first 2 weeks of flower I juice them with extra nitrogen. I do this because they grow so fast during the "stretch" For a plant to grow fast, and green it needs nitrogen. Next feeding try to just hit them with veg nutes at full strength. If your plants can handle full strength. Otherwise feed with whatever amount you did while in veg.And you are right. They look okay for a first grow.
  6. Add the n deffinitly you can always flush it two weeks before harvest.
  7. man its probably just ur pots to small for ur plant now dont go killing it with nutes it dont need
  8. There are no roots really sticking out of all the holes in the at the bottom do i don't think its really a problem as far as pots are concerned. And are these symptoms of a pot being too small? Red / Purple Stems, Yellowing leaves, Etc? Correct me if i am wrong but isn't it a bad thing to re-pot during Flowering?
  9. couple things I see, too small of a pot, possibly overwatered/undernuted, or it gets too cold when the lights are off. any and all of those will yellow your stuff out. red/purple stems are usually genetic and dont hurt anthing. So its probably too late to transplant but now you know for next time. First time and many veteran growers often over-love their plants. If you are in fox farms soil and use a high quality organic veg/bud nute formula thats all you will ever need. All the additives are not needed and can hurt your crop. Dont believe the hype
  10. Well i figured id update.. The plant has gradually gotten worse and i had been feeding plenty of nutes to try and solve the issue. I ended up doing a replant by cutting the outside of the old pot off and just placed the entire soil ball in a 1.7 gallon pot vs the one she was in. The whole transplant process took about 10Minutes being careful not to shake or damage the root system. I am hoping i will start to see some sort of improvement over the next day or so.

    Not sure if its really that bad to transplant during flowering i hear so many mixed reviews. However i think i really had no choice unless i wanted it to die. On a good note correct me if i am wrong here, but since the plant is in More nice soil rich in nutrients, and i fixed the too small of pot issue it should be good for the rest of flowering?. I am pretty sure the plant was root bound from what i had seen. Any thoughts?


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