My girl is stinking up the house. Looking for some odor control suggestions.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Trip7jim, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. I currently have a single grow going on in my basement. I am in week 5 and it is starting to smell outside of the door leading into the basement. I have a diy scrubber with a terabloom in-line fan. I do have negative pressure in the tent but it still seems to seep out.
    Maybe some suggestions for a good 4” scrubber or maybe something I can put by the basement door to cut down on the smell.

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  2. Get either a Can brand or Phresh brand carbon filter.
    It's obvious your DIY one isn't working.
  3. I'd run a 6" carbon filter, mines been in use for over a year now and I have no smells period

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  4. Yeah, I used it a while back when I used to grow and it worked great. I reactivated the carbon but I guess it didn’t take. I’ll try out one of those scrubbers,

  5. Inline fan and carbon filter is your best cheapest bet. Or you can look into a ozonator.
  6. Trip7jim i pmd you

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