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  1. My 2 golden doodles have been my best friends and almost constant companions for almost 9 years. Twelve days ago I had to have my one girl put to sleep. She had leukemia and it was getting much worse. The week before and the week after were the worst two weeks of my life. I miss her so much! Every time I do something that used to involve her and her sister, her absense makes me hurt inside. I just can't believe she's gone. Fortunately I still have her sister but it was always the three of us doing everything. She misses her too. I don't think I'm ever gonna get over her. I should've never allowed myself to get so attached. But it was the best 9 years of my life. When her sister passes on I'll be destroyed.

  2. That's awful, I'm really sorry. I'm in a somewhat similar boat. My 18 year old cat is rapidly on the decline. I'm going to have to make a really big decision in the next few weeks. I just don't know how I'm supposed to look her in the face and decide when she's going to die. It's been awful. It's impossible not to get attached to pets. Like you said, they're constant companions for years.
  3. That's tough. Having been thru losing a few, my plan now is to get another dog before this one passes on. Before, I waited a few years because I didn't want to get a puppy and be disappointed it wasn't the dog I lost. This time I'm going to let my old dog train my new dog before he passes on, he'll be training his own replacement, so to speak.
    This is assuming (not all that reasonably) that I'll out live my dog.
  4. That's a good strategy. I've never done it but I was just reading a Cesar Milan book where he lets his older, wise, less mischievous pitbull help train two puppies. The book chronicles the training and raising of the pups.

    I know what ya mean about assuming you outlive your dog. lol

    I had someone want to put me in contact with another golden doodle owner that doesn't have a good relationship with him. [I'm told it's because they never do shit with him - especially regular exercise - and expect him to be their perfect whatever (statue?). He needs a good, loving home. I don't know if I'm ready to start all over again though.
  5. sorry about the pup dude :(

    you say you shouldn't have let yourself get attached.. but that's impossible if you are a sane human being.
    They become part of the family.. and we just get attached.

    feel better dude.. that's a total bummer.

    same here w/ my 19 y/o cat. Had her since she was 12 weeks old.. she's still in pretty good shape, but it's gonna be a tough call when the day comes :(
  6. Didn't see this last month but thanks AW!

    Peeps at GC were a big help. Never experienced such pain - she was very special.
  7. Nearly two months later and I'm still missing this dog every day (if not 50 times a day). I never knew that humans could get like this over another specie. I must be an extreme case. I am kinda crazy.
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    Sorry man I understand. I had a dog I loved when I was younger. She was always there for me. What's sad is I wound up being moved around by family and they took her away from me without any form of explanation. To this day, I have no idea what happened to her.
  9. One would have to question the person who DIDN'T get attached to their pets, especially after anything more than a few months or years. They ARE part of the family. I'm a cat person, but the bottom line is the same thing...when they pass, it is a loss. I have one I always worry about because I've had him more than 18 years and he was an adult when I saved him from kitty death row...and when one of my others died last year, someone actually said it seemed like I showed more emotion over that than when dad passed the year before.
  10. Dont tell yourself youre crazy, if you DIDNT feel that way id then look into mental illness! My gf and I are in love with our cats, when we lived in the city wed walk them downtown on a leash! We now only use a stroller (for animals) and they enjoy the walks.

    Thats two of my cats, the orange ones name is Rhett and the little kittens name is Star. My cats are the shit.

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  11. I lost my cat of 13 years last Sunday. He was the sweetest, most amazing creature I've ever known in this life. I finally brought his ashes home tonight. I feel your pain, and I know that it's indescribable. Don't ever fault yourself for getting too attached. Cherish every memory, and be thankful that you're the kind of person who has the ability to connect so deeply with an animal and to be able to mourn her loss as you're doing. They are not like us. They love us unconditionally, and they'll never turn their backs or use us for their own selfish gain. I've yet to meet a human being who possesses these traits. Know that the grief that you're feeling right now is something that many, many people are incapable of feeling. On the same token many people also lack to capacity to truly love anyone, not excluding their own species. Pity them, and be thankful for the 9 years of love and joy that your dog brought you and that you gave to her. Don't close your heart, no matter how much it aches now.
  12. Sorry for your loss. We are in sync here. I have our previous 3 labs lined up in our bedroom in urns after cremation. Wife and I argue about who gets buried with who. Our boy we have now is a released service dog. What a good boy.
    Remember the good times and never forget. They all have different personality's which is my takeaway from having them is finding what makes my heart ache about each one when they are gone.
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  13. I reccomend you getting a second dog.

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