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Discussion in 'General' started by NC_Blueberry, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. So i have been with this girl for almost 4 years now and i definetly love her, only problem is she hates it when i smoke! Unfortunately it has been beaten into her head that weed is a gateway drug to everything else and if i continue to do it i will end up a "loser". I've tried talking, tried ignoring, tried sneaking around to do it. I don't know what to do, i love both of these women and they both have a lot to offer me. When i try to talk to her (and i know my facts) it's like it goes in one ear and out the other. WTF!? When i ignore her then she gets my attention by pissing me off. It seems the only way i can get away with it is sneaking around. She can't EVER tell when i'm high unless i smell like it. I feel kinda bad going behind her back though... What do you think GC, Weed or Love? (Or just keep trying to convince her to move to CA so i can get medical:D)
  2. one day, smoke HELLA and then take a shower, then go see her and ask her if she thikns ur high, if she says no, be like "i m higher then a motha fucka" then try to give more examples how she cant even its really like she just sees it as bad, BUT if u cant show her how non-canging you are to her weather or not ur stoned...then.....sneaky sneaky sneaky?
  3. I actually took it up a notch, I had made dinner high, cleaned high, did everything high. After we were done i asked her how everything had went, she said she loved it. I told her that i did it all high and she just got mad. She is so fucking brainwashed, i don't know how anyone can be so stuck in their ways when they are constantly proven wrong.
  4. ask her why she doesnt like it. then as she names off reasons tell her the truth. tell her you want to have a mature conversation about it with her and if she cant do that then shes not the chick for you dude. if she truley likes you she WILL listen and have the conversation. if she doesnt find a new one :p
  5. try taking her to or whatever?
  6. ya my girl thought I HAD to get high before I saw her and got all pissed off. I just told her I did it so I can relax more with her, like I usually do whenever I am with her. Whatev, just lie and sneak, I'm not gonna marry her any time soon and if she doesn't like me for who I am fuck her.
  7. Dude, the same shit happend to me. Told her the same exact thing, thinks that i'm "addicted" cause i WANT to smoke.
  8. dude weed is addictive. Thats just plain denial. its not bad to be addicted to something either, its part of life. personally im addicted to cigarettes,pot,sex,food,internet,water,oxygen,money,love etc. Addiction is a made up word and we are told what the good/bad things are to be addicted to. just do what you want. i define addiction as doing something you enjoy, ALL THE TIME - and that my friend is why we are on this lovely planet. Sadly things like alcohol and heroin are addictive, addictive to the body. that withdrawal is a serious medical condition and if someone doesnt get an opiate or booze they can die. worst thing you will feel from lack of weed might be trouble sleeping and being down a little, all which i would expect and see as okay. peace
  9. if she can't see you for who you are and is going to judge you for using marijuana, which was used by the messiah of billions of people, has been used since the begining of mankind, is totally safe and non-toxic and creates peace and loving...

    then you should break it off.

    that's my whole philosiphy.

    I'm glad my girl is a biggger pothead than me.
  10. im in the same boat as you dog. i like to puff a few bowls b4 my lady comes thru. its best to shower aswell, lets just keep doing what we are doing
  11. what you do is make some cannabutter and make a batch of cookies and get her fuckin lifted and then when shes like wtff tell her shes high and then she may see...

    or she may take it the other way and call the cops on you, either or.
  12. Don't do this.


  13. yea, bad idea. you have three options. quit smokin weed- somethin i would never do for a girl. tell her to deal with it or get out of ur life. or, just sneak around.
  14. I think u should find out the REAL reason why she hate u toke. Is it about addiction? the way u act after toke? or it's just a plain conception of "loser" image in her head. Sometimes women just don't like to tell men the exact reason since they like you to find out more. And make sure u collected a dozen of materials about the possitive side of MJ in scientific prove as well as in human history. Show her those stuffs when you found out her REAL reason. Good luck bro.

  15. Thanks for the plug :)

    However it's :D
  16. Man that sucks real bad. Me and my girl smoke it up all the time. I love it, its such a great bonding experience. Plus fucking high is 1000x better. :eek::hello::D

    I'd say if you can get her to try it once, maybe make some brownies and trick her. :wave:I actually really have no idea. I wouldn't know how to approach that situation, I'd probably have to break it off. I wouldn't change for a girl.

    Keep smokin' bro. :smoking:
  17. sneak around,:cool:
  18. Its a part of who you are. Dont conform for anybody.
  19. too many out there to change what u like doin
  20. weed is not addictive, it's all in your head.

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