my gibson SG

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  1. from guitar center. it hadnt even been taken out of the box yet, so i was the first one to play it




  2. I have that same one in black, great guitar, expensive as hell though.
  3. yeah i think mine was like 1299 or close to that. how much was yours?
  4. About $1500, or something like that.
  5. Nice looking axe. I'm a big fan of Gibson
  6. Me too! It's about 6 years old now. Mine was $1100 new, but I'm pretty sure the price has gone up since then.
  7. Looks pretty good man, hope you got that shit set up? Guitar center's never very good about that...
  8. I like it

    If I ever get an SG, I'd try to get a pickguard made like John Cippolina's...kind of hard to see, but his was shaped like a bat

  9. Shit I wish they were only 1100$ now... I just got an ad from guitar center in the mail, Gibson SG is like 2000$, weird thing is, the robot that auto tunes is only 2200$ so I was like wtf...

  10. no dude a guy there did it for me it was pretty tight. way better than my old one, it was just a starters guitar.

    this was my old one but mine was yellow and black. i sold it for 100 bucks and got a bunch of weed so im definately happy with the gibson
  11. I have several Gibson acoustics but play Strats if i am doing electric. I always liked SGs but prefer Fender radius type necks on electric
  12. Thats a sick guitar man. Im getting a white sg bass within my next couple pay checks.
  13. I have a gibson faded sg special, was 799$.

    I almost settled on buying a epiphone sg because of its looks but thank god the guy at guitar center put a gibson sg in my hands and let me play it. It sounded like a thousand humming angels. Alot of epiphones les pauls and sg's are cheap beacuse they sound like ass compared to gibsons. I also wish I could afford a standard SG but god damn are they expensive.
  14. Nice guitar, man! I plan on looking into some SG's in the future. I love guitars... haha.

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