My ghetto fantastic first bubble bucket and cloner

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    Iam having an issue with red jelly like substance on the lower half of my small clone's roots. I just transfered them a few days ago into the seperate container and the red showed up there. if anyone is interested I can take a picture of the roots. any help /advice would be great

    Iam super excited to be part of this online community!

    thx in advanced all!

    Nutrients are General Hydroponics less the flowering one.

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  2. dont use nutes just distilled water
  3. about that the nuters are in the bubble bucket m8 not the cloner.... guess I didnt specifiy and the red roots started in the bubble bucket there not in the cloner...
  4. Is it discoloration from the nute?

    Some of the "organics" are darker red/brown. I have seen some totaly healthy roots that have taken on the color of the solution......:rolleyes:

    If the girls look good and are perky, Id say run with it...maybe do a flush.

    When, and if, you have trouble in the will show on the green parts rather quickly:mad:
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    this is the problem Iam talking about maybe a photo will help me get some replys on here I was really hopeing this would be a bumping forum with lots and lots of info/input... kinda dissapointed with the lack of responses guess I can try another forum any good suggestions??


    awsome thx for the posts guys!

    I just updated with fresh photo's of the leaves and roots

    again these are two different strains one is a white widdow and the other hoggs breath.. the small one is ww

    I can hardly wait I got a second 400 watt ballast on the way in the mail I plan on useing for my veg room with the add on of that I beleive that I will be able to see more agressive veg growth as compared to my half ass 4 foot flourescent with one burnt out bulb and two small 26 watt flourescent swirly kind...

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  6. I have that on my roots. They get stained by the nutes.
  7. Cut way back on nutes, you should never see any kind of discoloring in veg. Roots and tips look like they're burning.

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