My GF said she doesn't like music...

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  1. So I love music, I love music more than I like most people. The music on my phone ranges from classical, to country, to 80's pop/rock, to all forms of Christian music, New Age... Pretty much everything except grunge, metal, even folk music, those types of things. Granted my go to stuff is pretty middle of the road, Van Morrison, 80's country (I went to high school with someone who's a big star now), 80's pop...
    So we're driving to my gf's parents house a couple hours away (they're really old) and she asked me why I ALWAYS have the radio or Bluetooth on. I just said that music is always my best friend, it never lets me down. Most of my earliest memories all involve music in some form or another. Even at home I always have SOMETHING on in the background, and asked her why did it bother her. She said she didn't get it, music was never an important part of her life and actually was a distraction to her. Her parents were extremely liberal college professors (I don't know if that had anything to do with it). My jaw was on my chest...
    I guess I just always thought that EVERYONE loved music, at least SOMETHING... I never criticize what someone likes musically, even if I don't like it myself. If it calms you down or entertains you, great! She said no, it wasn't anything her parents listened to. They didn't have a radio, didn't have a stereo, no CD's, vinyl...anything... I told her that I still have my moms vinyl from the 50's through the 80's, all my vinyl and CD's. Music is extremely important to me. She just...didn't get it.
    I honestly didn't know what to say... Has anyone ever been involved with someone who not only didn't listen to music, but actually dislikes it.
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  2. Not only have I not been involved with a person who doesn't like music I've never ever heard of one until now. Headset for you ...
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  3. Play her this song

    I'd say your best bet is to make a breakup playlist and play it constantly.
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  4. Definitely extraterrestrial behavior. Contact the X-Files special unit. Ask for Mulder or Scully. Tell em I sent you.
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  5. Well she doesn't care if I listen, unless she's reading. Then yup, the headphones come out.
  6. W
    When she was telling me about her dislike for music I literally just sat there staring at her. I had no response.
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  7. Well I know we won't be together long, just something to keep us both from getting bored, but yes, if I were going to get serious about anyone (which is doubtful) she'd definitely have to like music.
  8. I’ve never heard of anyone actually disliking music. It’s hard for me to even fathom that… but I’m a musician, been playing guitar for 24 years.

    Music is the language of the universe!
    Maybe she’s just sheltered :blink:
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    I think how you grew up, how your parents raised you and what your exposed to at a young age plays a huge role in it. If you don't "get" music by a certain age or have zero interest, chances are slim to zero that they will ever be able to enjoy it later in life. I believe a lot more people than you can imagine aren't interested in music at all. I find a lot of people claim to like all types of music for superficial and materialistic reasons, like dressing or trying to look a certain way so they can attempt to fit in with a group.
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  10. thats very weird. she probably has either never taken time out of her day to actually listen to something, or shes on the spectrum and maybe the noise irritates her.
  11. Yes I have been a player for a long time, guitar, piano, and mandolin.
  12. You have a girlfriend?
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