My GF just broke up with me.

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  1. I don't belive this my gf just fuckin broke up with me to get back with her ex. And that bitch wants to set me up with one of her friends. Is she fuckin insane. Why the fuck did she think I would go for that. I am seriously thinking about beatin the fuckin hell outta him. I am gonna destroy that piece of shit. She made a big fuckin mistake.
  2. What did the guy do that was so bad?
  3. Fuck that.... beat his ass on GP
  4. What does the guy have to do with it? He didn't do anything wrong. You would do the same in his position. It's the woman who abused your trust, not him. Besides, how would violence resolve any of this?

    Either way, I'm sorry to hear it. It's a really rough situation. I hope you can feel better about it in a couple days. Cope with your emotions, don't let them put you in a bad place... like jail.

    Best O' Luck
  5. Sorry to hear that dude, that sounds beyond fucked up. I didn't know her obviously but it seems like you'd want to steer clear of anyone who's going to do that to you. Relax smoke and think about it, you want to be with someone you can trust not to fuck you over like that.

    I wouldn't trust her friend either that's just plain weird that your ex is trying to set you up with her friend. That would just be awkward as hell.
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    I am not a violent person but this fuck knew very well it was over with them and he kept on pushin and pushin.
  7. Time to go Chris Brown on her ass.

  8. You're going to beat some guy's ass because of a decision you ex-girlfriend made? I'm sure you'd get an initial thrill from making someone else hurt like you're hurting, but when you sober up from your pain you'll realize the problem you have is with your ex, and with her alone. I promise you that no answer that she will give you will compensate for the sense of rejection and anger you feel about what's happened, so that means the rest of this after her is on you.

    Don't do anything rash. More often than not emotions trigger violent responses, IMHO, for some, violence is much easier to understand than raw feelings.
  9. damn, that really sucks brah.
    but I think it'd be best if u just let it go.
    whoopin his ass wouldn't do much.
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    First of all that was fucking well funny!

    I feel for ya man and I'm gonna have to say i would do the same thing. I hate guys that try it on with girls that are taken!

    But don't listen to me its not the most sensible thing to do.
  11. I guess you guess are right I mean she did break up with him and start goin out with me. And once again I am not a fan of violence. But this really sucks.
  12. Honestly, don't bother fighting...its not gonna solve anything just spark one up and wait for the next one...
  13. no offense,
    but I have a feeling that she's just as guilty in this as he is.

  14. Not trying to be mean so please don't take it that way . . . now you know how he felt. There's plenty of single chicks out there. I'm sure you'll find one. It's risky when you go for someone who's already taken. It's 50/50. You were probably being used anyway and who wants to be in that kind of relationship. Your better off. Keep your chin up and forget about it.
  15. She broke up with him to be with you? Well what did you expect? That she wouldn't break up with you to be with someone else?
    Leopards can't change their spots.

    Regardless, I'm sorry that you're hurting. Move on to someone who's more trustworthy in a relationship.
  16. But, clearly, it wasn't over between them. ;)

    She made her choices, if she didn't want to be back with him she'd still be with you. The older you get the more you realize how ridiculous unnecessary drama is. Trying to "beat his ass" isn't going to contribute positively to your life in any way. Move on and find someone worth your time.
  17. WOW UPDATE: Now she got rid of her ex that she just got back toghether with cuz she "wants to think cuz she is confused" fuck her. She is loopy. I can't belive i blamed him its her bitch ass I should call him up and have him slap her with me lol. But honestly she is so fuckin indcisive its amazing she breaks up like its nothing at all. What a dumb bitch.
  18. Sounds like a very immature girl trying to have your cock and eat his too.
  19. Sorry to hear but be glad she's gone, especially for another guy.
  20. Yeah dude I really am pissed at her. She is a dumbass like no joke. But she sexy. So I am still pissed.

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