My Gf Is A Virgin...

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  1. My gf is 24 years old and afraid to have sex. She gives me head every day but I really need to get laid before I lose my mind. She started taking anti-anxiety medication prescribed by her doctor that's helped her somewhat but she is petrified that it is going to hurt. Since the medication she has allowed me to finger her which before she would try to stop me if I tried. But she is still afraid of sex. She says she needs to be on birth control and use condoms because she is paranoid of getting pregnant and that she needs to talk to her counselor some more before she is ready. One of her co-workers isn't helping too much the woman is pregnant and tells her it hurts every time she has sex, I try to tell her every woman is different and it might hurt at first but she will more than likely get used to it.
    Does anyone have any advice for making it easier?

  2. Does she have any reason for not wanting to have sex other than shes scared it will hurt?! Not many woman are THAT scared it's going to hurt, something else MUSTTTT be bothering her?! I mean, I go to school for criminal pschycology and did some regular psych and theres always a cause behind major fears..
  3. I have no idea....she talks about sex alot but is afraid to actually do it. as far as i know she wasn't abused or anything.
  4. when it does finally come down to it
    stick it inner pooper bro
  5. i'd rather not get shit on my dick
  6. Maybe you should have a real one on one talk wit her man, maybe something is really the issue. Doesn't always have to be abuse or anything.
  7. LOL! Unless she's gotta go it ain't gonna happen..
  8. i've tried she always turns it on me and says there has to be a deeper reason why i hate people and am mad at the world other than the fact i can't find a job and i see incompetent idiots finding jobs left and right.
  9. Uhhh, okay well first that's a bit rude of her, why are you with someone who would speak to you that way?! Secondly, if she changes the subject shes hiding something from you, trust me on this.
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    It does sound like she's hidin somethin.
  11. Man, you just gotta get some nice music playin... baby will come around!

    You just gotta relax! Baby will be cravin' it! Then you just got to make some soothin' love to her succulent vaginal glory and maybe get a stew goin' with a few spices, veggies and whatever meat is left in the house. Best use the good stuff for that stew, though.
  12. I'm with her because she has been there for me when no one else was. she holds me down more than any other woman ever has or probably would.
  13. Uhh tbh that bitch sounds crazy..move on
  14. Baby's just holdin' off on you, man! She wants you to beg! You're probably in for some sweet love when she gives it to you. Just remember, you gotta be gentle now! And maybe, if she's in the mood, you share some of that stew with her. Say, you have a blender up in your place, correct? If not it is probably time for you to invest in one. You can throw anything healthy into that thing and make a pretty good stew out of it.
  15. That doesn't give her the right to talk to you like that. I've been there for this guy for a few years, we've been through a lot, if he ever even once tried to speak to me like that?! LOL! He would be lost, because I wouldn't allow it. You can find another girl to be there for you, or someone.. I don't know you, but you might deserve some respect..more than she has to offer :/ not trying to sound like a bitch, but I hate seeing people use that excuse to stay with someone. Seems like she has more issues than you can handle yourself sir.
  16. She may have been raped, abused, or molested as a child; take your pick. Anyways, it doesn't sound like there's much you can do at this point if she's seeing a counselor.
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    I wouldn't advise this as I find it to be an evil practice. However, if he were to drug his gf he might as well slip it into that stew he's makin'.
  18. not really most girls just want to use me to get high....if i don't have weed or alcohol they wont come around.
  19. Sounds like you need to meet some better ladies..
  20. Get another gf. Why is this rocket science?

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