My GF found out I puff

Discussion in 'General' started by WalkHard, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Well i never told my girlfriend that I smoked cuz she is kind of a goodie goodie but we cope nicely somehow. But anyways she found out through some friends that snitched on me telling her that i smoked. I dont know what led them to telling her but all i know is i'm gonna beat the snot out of the 2 guys that did it. Well anyways she's all pissed/sad talkin bout I was lieing to her the whole time...I mean i didnt lie, she never asked if I did or not. We been goin together for bout 2 months now.......She may just leave me cuz i puff a little lye every now and then......i mean hey i'm 19, I should be able to make my own decisions. Girls............................
  2. Why hide it from her, man?
  3. I can't imagine a girl leaving you for something like that. Its just weed.
  4. its up to her if she wants to be around that or not. if shes ignorant about weed, enlighten her, if she doesnt want to learn, do what you do. if you were the one wanting to work on the relationship and shes trying to walk out, help her to the door.

    i prefer girls that dont smoke or pop pills or drink, abut its kind of hard to get em to accept you. if weed isnt bothering the other aspects of your life and you arent stoned 100% of the time around her, i dont see why it should be a problem.
  5. well maybe you need to evaluate which is more important to you a life partner that you love or the freedom to make decisions independently and secretly for your self.
  6. or a life partner that lets you make your own decisions without putting her 2 cents into it.
  7. ohhh, i've seen this go real bad, but it was almost 2 yrs not 2 mo.... i guess either way, if you weren't up front about it in the begining, and you knew she didn't know, that almost says right there your not gonna quit in return for this releationship. My advice would be to be way honest about it here on out, and she's either gonna be ok with it, or not. Hey, she might even end up joining you! its all about how you go about it. If she really likes you, then she should realize that this is you, and you smoke weed. knowing now shouldnt have to change anything. Good luck to you though! and if it doesnt work out, so be it. like you said, your'e only 19 and its only been 2 mo. if it doest work, call it a lesson learned!
  8. She hasnt spoken to me for 2 days now so i feel like its basically over. I'm not gonna give up what I want just because of her.....She isn't important enough to take away my ability to make my own decisions.
  9. it happens. i had a gf for 3 years that left bc i hid it from her. live and learn.
  10. 2 months?
    Not a long time.
    Dump that ignorant girl and move on.
  11. 2 months isn't long enough to give up weed over her. Believe me i've been there.
  12. just lie, that way, you'll both be happy. just toke in secret and get some puutang or smoke openly.
    then wen she eventually finds out you can be like "bitch, gtfo".
  13. If she can't accept you for who you are, then I don't think she is right for you.
  14. happened to one of my good friends last week man, its some bs

  15. You lie too, and I bet not just about the lye.

    I bet you live an insecure life, buddy.
  16. i can just see the kind of person the OP is... makes me really appreciate life not being so PUSSY WHIPPED
  17. weed over pussy anyday....depending on what the pussy that is in front of me exactly is tho
  18. u and her dated 2 months

    but you've been smoking jane longger than that i bet

    dont change for something that "might be"
    is she worth it?

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