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    My plant has been acting strange lately. It was once trapped in the closet for two months and I recently released it into the great outdoors. Fast forward two weeks and she grew 4-6 inches since Tuesday. Also I noticed a great smell radiating from her and what the fuck! She's showing those clear hairs already.

    Why is my plant showing its sex in May and will she start budding early or revert back to veg state?

    It's a Northern Lights fem seed or some type of Kush. (I mixed my seeds up during germination and other died)
  2. Dude its 2 months old it's trying to flower that's normal. What light hours did you have it on indoors and what are the light hours outdoors? Will only return to veg if the light hours are more than 13 or 14 of light. Also returning to veg state takes like a month or more so if that happens you waste all that flower time and will stress it lol
  3. you used improper lighting schedule indoors. When u transplanted outdoors u instantly put it into flower. Read up more there is about 25 topics this week about the same thing. Good luck!
  4. can't just go from 24 to 14-15, they'll freak.  gotta cut em to 18/6 then back it off an hour every day or two, maybe give em a 2 week transition (while at the same time taking them outside for an hour more each day or so to get them used to sunlight)
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    its because you prob had them on a long light cycle if you grow them with 18 hours light a day indoors then put em outside which gets like 14 hours light they will bud. and nah nothing you can really do now except let them bud.

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