My garden's not doing hot?

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    the thread title should be My garden's not doing so hot? sorry for the mess up!

    ive been told by a friend that my garden is not looking very good. he says ive got major ventilation problems.

    this is a bit of a blow to my ego. im starting to feel like i kind of know what im doing and i thought my garden was doing great.

    im going to try to attach a photo so you can take a look. let me know what you think, good or bad.

    thanks gc!

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  2. Looks good to me. What's the temperature at the canopy? :smoke:
  3. currently a balmy 78 degrees.

    i do have an oscillating fan on 24/7. room is about 8' x 13'
  4. Your leaves look kind of odd... are you keeping an eye on your pH?
  5. Again, looks good to me :)

    I see slight nute burn on a couple leaves in the middle of the pic, but I've seen much worse around the city. :smoke:
  6. not sure what you mean by odd.

    i do have one blueberry with some purple coloration on the leaves closest to the buds. the stems are all green so i dont think it a nutrient deficiency. all of the other leaves are green and look healthy as far as i can tell.

    i have no idea what my ph is. bad i know. i water exclusively with rainwater and am using earth juice bloom, earth juice microblast and epsom salt when needed. for soil im using mj organic.
  7. Hi there! :wave: Your plants look good, there is a slight look of N toxicity up top with a few leaves clawing, but that is minor and easily fixed (feed water for a week or two). Or they do that with low light, but normally on the bottom leaves, up top is almost always a N abundance (rest of the plant should look dark green). I don't see any major problems :) Good luck!
  8. thanks ed - say hi to the mrs for me:)
  9. High there missy boo! Your girls look great! :hello: When are you going to journal those girls? :confused: :poke: :D

  10. you can't grow a good crop of good weed w/o controlling ph. rainwater is no good to use for growing. the drops absorb all kinds of crap/pollutants on their fall through the atmosphere, use r/o water. earth juice products are good, but you have to use them wisely. using a brew is something that can take time.
  11. Looks like you can grow a good crop according to the pic there ;) +rep for your grow girl!
  12. looks good to me too.i did notice the top fan leaves somewhat clawing but like said above could be from heat stress or the N abundance.tell your friend to stop hatin!

    its funny seeing ppl grow great ladies and not know the ph at all..i actually got away with it when i first started out and id be like wth is ph :)

    i hear rain water is good bc its got electrolites or somethin lol but it depends where you live..i live in a suburb thats pretty polluted next to a huge city but if your in the mountains rain water is great.

    you can def get away with using tap water especially if your growing in use ro water if it was hydro other than that you run up a hefty water bill for nothin
  13. Looks good....Keep it up!!!...Your friend may be a little jealous, but I bet that friend will be first in line when the blunt is passed around....:smoking:;)

  14. thanks for the reassurance. they really do look pretty good to me, especially when i look back at some of the grows in my past. my first grow was terrible!

    i might do a journal in the fall, maybe by then i will have grown a pair;)
  15. ur gals seem fine and you say ur temps ok....what else could ur friend mean by "major" vent issues? you should just do your thing cuz it looks like your doin fine.

  16. thanks bestkept. yeah i couldnt figure out what he meant either. but hes a scientist and super smart and all. im just a simple farmer - what do i know?

    this is what i know. i know im going to have a good time smoking some good weed in a month or so:D
  17. thought you guys might like to see a couple of closeups.

    lemon skunk and blueberry.

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  18. A simple farmer is one who grows their own. I bet that guy pays big bucks for his primo stuff which is sprayed with all kinds of stuff to make it grow big for the customer but yours...simple from the earth goodness my friend! That is the best kind of all! :hello::D
  19. Sweet pics, that purple is beautiful!
  20. Impressive, FJ...mmm blueberry, YUM :p nice job!!

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