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My garden

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by DankSeeker, Apr 25, 2011.

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    Hey Blades,
    Here's what I did today:
    Fished out the lavender flower in the pic. above and clipped another cup or so of fresh.
    Here's the recipe I threw together as a miticide:
    Approx. 2 cups of lavender flowers 1/2 fresh & 1/2 dried
    1 whole garlic bulb w/ skin
    little more ginger than garlic
    12 small habanero peppers burn, baby, burn:smoke:
    1/2 medium yellow onion w/ skin
    Enough water to puree
    I put the resulting slurry into 3.5 gal. of water to ferment until Friday early evening, some 60+ hours. I'll check the ph goal 3.2 - 3.5.
    I will strain the result and delute to 4 gal. of water and add 2tsp. of neem oil and 1 tsp. of Ivory dish soap.
    The resulting miticide will be foliar sprayed,(drenched) on all plants probably Sunday or Monday.
    Hows this sound guys?
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    Also, started a protozoic bomb along with Kelloggs Organic Rose and Flower line.
    2 cups of alfalfa pellets
    2 gal water
    1/2 cup Kellogg stuff
    2 tbls Brer full flavor mollasses
    4 drops Superthrive
    Areate til Friday morning ; about 36 hours
    I will then add 2 gal. water and set aside 1 cup to dilute for foliar feed at 10/1
    Soil Drench all plants.
    This will be my first protozoic bomb, though I always brew the Kellogg stuff. I know; not top shelf, but with everything else I do, this is more about diversity than what's the best.
    I thought I asked for alfalfa w/ molasses. It was arount $15/50lb. Won't need to buy that for a while. The label didn't list anything but alfalfa. NP, as I have the Brer.
    Eventually, I'd like to go another route, but this is convenient. If I continue to use molasses, I'll get it from the feed store for $20/5gal.
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    I'm thinking along the same line as making canna butter or oil; Aren't the active compounds, terpenes, oil based anyway? Camphor is. Would make sense that the same processes used to extract the trichs from our beloved ladies should apply. Make any sense or is this NH Bubba and Goo wax twisting my interpretation?:smoke:
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    While at the feed store, I asked if they had or sourced kelp meal. Everything I've gotten has been spot on and less than I hear most are paying for the same. I'm sure it's because this is such a big ag region. Anyway: $80.99 +/ 50lb. I'm not real sure if it's a fair price or not, but it'll have to wait until money's a bit better, unless I find a smaller economical amount elsewhere.
    I have to say the oone thing that I'm beginning to see with organics is just how economical it is, especially buying in bulk.
    I'll be lucky to use 50 lb/year of alfalfa pellets on everything. But then again, there is the lawn and ornamentals.
    Guess I'll have a beautiful yard, good eats and dank smoke, too.:smoke:
  5. Dank

    A couple of friends in North San Diego County pay $75.00 for kelp meal. The price you were quoted seems competitive and fair.

    The only reason that we pay $60.00 here is that the farm store we source at does a huge business with commercial organic farmers, urban farmers, home gardeners, etc. On the Gaia Green Canadian Rock Dust product they did 151 tons last year. [cite]

    And then there is their organic non-GMO alfalfa from Eastern Oregon which contains uber levels of minerals from the desert floor over there. Black Pumice, Red Pumice and the generic pumice from the Klamath Falls Basin and another mine near Bend, Oregon.

  6. I thought it might be. Oh well, it is what it is.
    It'll have to wait until the budget allows, but it will be part of the inventory.
  7. Evening Blades'
    I put the cannabis supremo otherwise known as "my babies"out around 9:30 this morning for thier daily sunning and was hoping for a bit more froth from the brew. I knew the 60ish overnight temps were gonna slow activity. So, I put 2 more tbls of molasses in to kick start things. Around 11am, things were getting frothy. Temps were in the 70s and would peak at 85. :D
    Late afternoon around 5:30 took these pics and gave the Flowers a 1/1 drenching of "THE BOMB" and bubbled tap.
    I'll reduce and apply the rest of it all tomorrow; foliar and soil drenching.
    Upped 3 more pics:
    1) The Frothiness of "THE BOMB"
    2) The Flowers
    3) Those Vegging
  8. Sorry Blades, I cut the tallest unknown out of the pic. Must of been the Snow Cap in my bowl. I'll try to up one with her in the morning.
    On another note; My thoughts and prayers go out to all those in the midst of these terrible storms that are ravaging the Eastern United States.
    I have friends and family in the middle of it. Fortunately, they are fine, atm, but there are a great many others that are not so fortunate.
  9. ever put your fan leaves from your girls in your salads?
    i've heard of someone doing this, supposedly the leaves are also healthy, though not as healthy as the seeds

    anyway jw...
  10. Haven't used any in salad, though I've been know to eat a few while attending to them. :D
  11. awesome. how do they taste?
    was thinkin that i may eventually wanna do the salad deal, if i ever grow any for seed/food
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    Afternoon everyone,
    Foliar sprayed all plants and deep soaked all cannabis supremo including mj flowers that got the first drink last night with "THE BOMB".
    The leftover "BOMB" was watered into the veg garden. Left over top dressed everything.
    I'll post new pics in about a week.
    Started another "BOMB" for the lawn , as well.
    p.s.; i realized that the above pic included all 6 ladies in flower.
  13. :love:
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    Afternoon fellow "dankseekers",
    It's awesome to sit amongst all the life in "my garden" and just meditate,
    (with some bud, of course). The ripening smell of the different, yet an underlying smell of pungnent unity is nearly narcotic. (Ahh, yes, that unmistakable smell of my sunbathing dank ladies.)
    I swear I'm seeing results from "The BOMB" already. No way to tell without side by side clones or many seed plantings, but everything seems more "alive" and has taken on deeper colors in the flowers and folage in most of my garden, including the mj.
    I'll put some pics up in a week or so.
    The Purple Kush is on the final push. She's put on a noticable increase in oranging in her hairs, so I scoped her trichs and noticed 5%< in amber with 20% cloudy. The "BOMB" may have been on time. She should have at least 2 weeks left, so I expect girth and density will be the order of the day.
    I may have put the ladies out a bit early yesterday, because today I noticed the #2 Blue Dream had some minor purpling on some leaf edges. It was 58 and breezy.
    I don't trust the ph meter I have, so I ordered a Mil. PH600 and am waiting on it to test the insecticide that's fermenting. Everything that was floating on top, sunk. Don't know what if anything, that means.
  15. Evening all,
    I got the MIL PH600 meter yesterday. Decent meter and plenty enough for what I need it for.
    I knew the elcheapo one that I had wasn't working correctly.
    The RO water that the local supermarket had came in at 8.0.
    Tap water = 7.4.
    Looks like it's tap. I'll bubble off the chlorine an be good to go. Going to have to design the water system for the garden and misters around an open tank and a 2hp dirty water pump I have. More on that another time.
    Run off from everything was the same; 7.4.
    So, today I picked up some lime and watered it all in. I'll check the runoff as I water and add a little more lime until it buffers near neutral. Bet I'll see wonderful things in a week or two.
    I added a bit more for my strawberries, which I've long suspected has been suffering from too high ph. They like things a bit more acidic.
    Also, picked up 5 gal. of ag molasses, ($21.00 + tax). Gotta feed the soil. Alot more texture and less clarity than Brer. Also bubbles up when I areate for chlorine.
    Feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Evening all,
    Everything is looking alot richer, darker green with the exception of the flowering girls, so I'm thinking the lime may be helping already.
    I didn't expect to see alot of change in the flowers, though I'm sure it will make a difference in the end.
    Also, going to put spent coffee grounds into declorinated tap water until I bring the ph to around 6 - 6.5.
    Probably post some pics of things this weekend.
  17. I've been doing a compst pile. I'm new to the composting thing and using things like wood ash, egg shells, coffee grounds, etc. What do the coffee grounds do? And should I keep it seperate from the rest of my compost or just mix it in with everything else?
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    Yeah, I'm new to the composting aspect as well. I live in a suburb and although I'm on a dbl lot, I think a ripe compost pile might be a bit much odor, but a healthy worm bin has no foul odor. Faster cycling of materials, too.
    First bin did well in the garage for around a month, then we had a cold spell, so I put them in the flower room. Cooked worms stink! lol
    Temps started getting too high for worms in the garage about 2.5 month ago and there went #2.
    This time I located the bin outside in the shadiest spot in the yard. 3 weeks; so far, so good, even with temps in the high 80s. Glad I had no cash in them.
    The following brief chart may aid you in determining nutrient levels, but diversity and balance of materials seems to be a solid approach in all types of composting. It's recommended to not use dairy or animal products, though egg shells are fine. Some worm guys roast then powder the shells first. I don't use them as I have alot of crushed oysters shells that I pulverize for the calcium. Worms need calcium for reproduction.
    As far as composting goes, there are super crops like comfrey, that produce massive amounts of biomass that cycle very, very fast.
    Carefull with commercially grown stuff as they can contain high levels of bacteria inhibiting pesticides as with bananas. Not good for some good bacteria and can take longer to break down. So if your looking to have a potasium rich compost pile or bin, switching to eating organic bananas might be better approach.
    Most compost piles should have an active worm population that will migrate in an out as well, unless it's a system like a barrel composter.
    Sorry about getting wordy.

    NPK Nutrient values for some common worm foods

    High N:
    Blood Meal (NPK 13-1-0)
    Coffee grounds (NPK 1,99-0,36-0,67)
    Felt (NPK 14-0-0)
    Hair (NPK 14-0-0)
    Tea grounds (NPK 4,15-0,62-0,4)
    Worm Meal (dried & ground worms) NPK 10-1-1
    Greens, leaves & meals, alfalfa, stinging nettle

    High P:
    Bone Meal generic NPK 4-21-0,2
    * steamed NPK 13-15-13
    * burned NPK 0-34,7-0
    Shrimp Waste NPK 2,87-9,95-0
    Tea Leaves ash NPK 0-1,66-0,4
    Wheat bran NPK 2,65-2,9-1,6
    Oats, Chicken Manure

    High K:
    Banana skin NPK 0-3,08-11,74
    Molasses NPK 0,7-0-5,32
    Potato skin NPK 0-5,15-27,5
    Wood Ash NPK 0-0,15-7,0
    Wood ash (broadleaf) K 10%
    Wood ash (coniferous) K 6%
    Alfalfa, ashes, potato wastes, peel & skin (-ashes, too)

    High Calcium:
    Poultry manure (0,5-0,7% dry), dolomite lime, egg shells, bone meal
    Note that its usually thought that worm castings is high in calcium (perhaps with the presumption that lime or eggshells are added during the process).

    High Iron:
    Stinging nettle (Also high N)

    High Magnesium:
    Dolomite lime, poultry manure, epsom salts
  19. Wow thanks that was a lot of info.
  20. Seems I went the wrong way on the ph issue. I must of been stoned, because could have sworn I read I needed lime to bring the ph down.
    Wild, because everything seems fine.
    Gonna leave it alone and lower the ph in the water I give them.

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