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  1. This year I'm kind of being lazy, therefore my garden is not that big and I don't have too many different things. I mixed my own soil and used my compost from last year. As some of you will know from my previous grow threads I am strictly organic. I absolutely take great pride in not using man made fertilizers and enjoying fruits and vegetables grown organically without the use of harmful chemicals.
    My Soil
    My soil consists of the following materials.
      -10 parts top soil
      -2 parts organic peat
      -4 parts composted manure
      -1 part bone meal
      -1 bag of perlite
      -2 parts of Matt's Organic Compost Mix 2012
      -2 bags of mulch
    My Plants
    This year I'm growing.....
      -Unknown amount of tomatoes **
      -1 bell pepper
      -4 strawberries
      -6 broccoli (by the way, the caterpillars are destroying my broccoli!!)
      -6 white onion
    ** Matt's Organic Compost Mix 2012 had some accidental tomato seeds from last year. So when I mixed it in with the soil random tomato plants sprouted basically I left them. In about a month it's going to be a tomato jungle.
    Here are a couple pictures and I am going to try to update every couple days and give you guys full details on everything. In the pictures I have the broccoli, strawberries, and the big ass tomato bush in the middle, lol.
    Matt's Organic Compost Mix 2012 is a special compost mix that I use that takes about a year to fully break down and is able to be mixed in with your soil. Every year I use the same methods and they have worked wonders. If anyone has any questions on what I use in the compost please ask.
    I hope you guys come back and check out my thread. Please let me know what you think!!! Thanks!! Happy Gardening!!


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  2. Jeeze, sorry about the pictures guys. They are loading wrong for me, and I suppose they are doing the same thing for everyone else. I'll have to make sure next time I upload them I don't click on "actual size" again because obviously they are way too big. So once again, sorry guys and I'll fix it next time I update.
  3. The garden looks good, man, I want too see a tomato jungle! You may or may not have inspired me to clear space for a carrot tundra... Bless!
  4. Yesterday I decided to harvest some broccoli. It's my first time growing broccoli and I was looking around on youtube on how exactly to harvest this stuff. Well you end up just cutting it at the base. The head wasn't too big but it was starting to loosen up in the middle a little bit so I decided to cut it. And, I wanted to get it before those pesky caterpillars did. 

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  5. subd for another year, buddy
    no mj for me this year, though i got some fungal unmentionables that are colinzing at the moment:p
    perhaps starting next spring ill be able to start growing one of my favorite plants for my self:D
    Sounds like a plan. Sorry for the lack of updates. My iPhone shit it's pants and is getting fixed. So more pictures next week. 
    I did harvest 4 strawberries and 3 full sized tomatoes since the broken iPhone. So, like I said, pics next week.
  7. The garden is going great. Sorry for the lack of pictures, I still haven't got my phone back yet.  :cry:
    The tomato jungle is growing by the day....can't wait to show you guys.
  8. So, I'm very sorry to the few of you checking up every once in awhile....but today, I have pictures and good news!!
    1.jpg   14.jpg   3.jpg   4.jpg   5.jpg   6.jpg   7.jpg   8.jpg   10.jpg  
    I came back from Florida and this is what I found. There where a few severe storms in my area when I was gone, so some of them got banged around pretty bad. Also, the deer can get over the top of my fencing that is about 3 feet high and snack on the top of the plants. But all in all, I think they are doing very well, everything looks pretty healthy and they are producing a large number of fruit of good size and shape.
    This is the harvest that I've had so far (except strawberries which are done producing until next year). So far I would estimate about 30 cherry tomatoes and 2 larger tomatoes.
    2.jpg   11.jpg
    I do have one question if someone good educate me on what these things are. They are growing on one branch of one of the larger tomato plants. Should I get rid of them or just say fuck it and leave them there??? Is it a type of fungi??
    9.jpg   12.jpg   13.jpg  
    I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and thanks for checkin back. And yes, I did get my iPhone back!!! I am so happy!! lol. So there will be more posts and more pics!!
  9. Those are roots. 
  10. Wow. I get roots growing near the ground, but those look like they're up a foot or so. Must have had a lot of rain, or very humid.
    Been awhile since I've really been on topic snooping, but glad to see the garden still doing good.
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  13. Nice looking garden! I think I remember reading your thread a while back when you just built your plot. I'm anticipating this year because I couldn't have a garden last year. Hope this year is bountiful for youSent from my Nexus 7 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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