My Galileo Thermometer

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  1. Hey Guys, Spaz here. I'm so fucking stoned and drunk, Ima keep it short.

    We're mad stoned, And I smoked up my roomate, Angela.

    So we all get stoned, and get Papa John's. She opens the pizza box and knocks over my Galileo Thermometer I got 3 yrs ago. It was in the house for like, 2 hours. I drove all the way to my Mom's to get it.

  2. im very misinformed- i have no idea what a galileo thermometer is , could you explain?
  3. one of these things


    I remember seein em before, but don't know much about em.
  4. damn that would be a big mess, well pizza stoned is worth it right?
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    pizza, bud and beer....the three necessities. If I had a stocked fridge, an ounce of good shit, and all the delivery I could handle I'd probably just disappear and never come out of the house for like a week.

    rest easy. tthermometerrr
  6. Man that sucks, Did all the smaller bits inside smash too?
  7. you said you were stoned like 5 times in a row
  8. hahahahahahahahahahaha

  9. lol i noticed this too. I guess he really wants to make sure all the blame is on the weed and not on anyone.

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