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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Kwaidan, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. Once upon a time... oh wait, wrong story. Back in the mid 90s I was teaching at Ithaca College in NY. I had some great friends in NYC and every now and then I would go to the city for what we called WWW (women's wasted weekends) ...although it was never just women :) anyway, I had the bright idea to use a college car for the trip... you know, save wear and tear on my own car. So I checked out a car and drove to Manhattan and WWW commenced.... I think that was the weekend we invented the phrase "amoeba like state" because after all we imbibed that was what our state was. At the end of the weekend I couldn't find my suitcase thingy so I just stuffed everything into a garbage bag and threw it into the trunk of the car. Anyway..... I was driving home and was going through New Jersey, just outside Newark. I was tokin and driving, I love to drive and smoke, just buzzing along when what do you know.. New Jersey State Trooper flashing behind me. Talk about a buzz kill. So I pull over, wondering just how red my eyes are .... and by this time I am shaking all over. The copy gets out of his car and walks toward mine.... he is this huge (over six feet) black guy and when I see him in the rear view mirror all I can think is... OMG I am going to jail in Newark! And I am in the college's car! Shit, I'm gonng lose my job... damn damn damn... So he asks me for my license and registration... okay well the registration is in the glove box and he sees that the car belongs to the college. He asks if I work there, I try to look convincing as I nod yes. I am scrabbling all around the car (Just before I pulled over I put my pipe under the seat)...l ooking for my god damn license, can't find it anywhere. He waits patiently for a few minutes.... I am losing it more and more with each minute and where the hell is that damn license! I am sure he can smell the pot smoke lingering in the car even though I turned the fan on full blast. Finally I tell him I think my license must be in the trunk. He says okay get out and find it. So (this is after about 10 minutes of looking for it in the car)..... I open the trunk and he is right beside me and I swear he laughed when he saw my garbage bags full of stuff. So i'm pullling out clothes and throwing them aside.... looking in the pockets of all my pants for that damn license... and a little baggie falls out and lands on the ground.... I saw it fall out of the corner of my eye while I was searching through the clothes. All of a sudden the license isn't so much of an issue. He says... "is this yours?" And with my best innocent face ever (or so I thought) I say "oh no, that's not mine! I don't know HOW that got in here. You know I was in the city with friends all weekend going to bars and stuff and I just stuffed everything into these bags in a hurry and I must have picked that up by mistake." He looked and me and damn if he didn't smile. I guess he thought my story or my fear or the whole thing was pretty funny. And then he gave me one of those smiles like he thought I was sorta cute. I'm like "I'm so sorry please don't take me to jail." So he made me get back in the car and he went to his car (I never did find that damn license until I got home)... he was in his car for what seemed like an eternity. The whole time I'm just wondering who I'm gonna call to come and get me out of jail in New Jersey. Finally he comes back and hands me two tickets... one for speeding, one for not finding my license... a total of a few hundred bucks... and he tells me I was lucky this time and to drive the speed limit from now on. I took those tickets like they were a gift. Thank God I'm a girl... I think it's the only thing that saved me from jail that day. Oh yeah, I waited til I was back in New York State to light up again. :}
  2. sometimes it is nice being a girl when you can get away with things like that...or you can always make yourself cry! that's what I do
  3. Awww you women get all the breaks.:)

    I feel what ya mean on the amoeba like state!

    Kewl story!
  4. you know, goddess, I was thinking about trying to cry but I was too happily stoned!
  5. yeah, its hard for me to fake crying too when I'm stoned..I guess all my tear ducts are dried up, or something
  6. you know, goddess, I was thinking about trying to cry but I was too happily stoned!

    And smokinokie... the fine amoeba like state included eating crackers out of each other's belly buttons (well and tequila too) :)
  7. you know, goddess, I was thinking about trying to cry but I was too happily stoned!

    And smokinokie... the fine amoeba like state included eating crackers out of each other's belly buttons (well and tequila too) cuz we were too lazy to find glasses, I guess :)
  8. Damn I thought I was editng the same post , sorry
  9. LOL, I thought it was a bit odd..hehehe
  10. anyway, great story. i sometimes wish i were a girl so i could get away with shit

  11. lucky,lucky,girl....whata buzz kill eh?

    two of our friends were caught tokkin by the police...a guy a and girl....the asks them if their high, and the dude says " i was untill the moment your lights came on"......dude got arrested. and the girl had to catch a ride home because the cop said he was sure she was smoking also.


  12. Okay. Maybe I did'nt EXACTLY feel ya on the amoeba like state.
  13. hehehe, im glad im a girl too.

  14. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!! Man thats the funniest shit i ever heard. man im laughing my ass off for hours! dude kwaiden did you get to keep your bud or did the bastard keep it for himself?
  15. I do. And I'm dude. Lol.
  16. That was one mega necropost :eek:
  17. Shit, dudes cant get away with nothing with the cops. I wish real cops were more like the one in the village people.
  18. untill the end of the post for some reason i thought you were a dude and that was a giant gay cop...aha my mistake
  19. hahaha, fun story.

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