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My fucked up story of the day

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by FuckBeerGetWeed, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Pretty sure all men have one testicle that is further descended than the other :rolleyes:
  2. Supposedly on manswers it said it took 3000 pounds of pressure to pop a testicle because of a special tissue around it
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    Well he only had 45's so maybe he's just got weak balls haha
  4. hahahahahahahahhahahah funny thoughts
  5. I heard on a tv show that it takes 2 tonnes of pressure to pop ur testicles ?
  6. I heard you Need a 747 to make your dick
  7. Dam Bro that fucking sucks donkey ass
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    I mean if you guys really want em...
  9. I'm wearing a jock to the gym from now on.

  10. Haha indeed proper term is a ruptured testicle, Sammy Salo actually got one playing hockey recently, although I believe they were able to save the gonad.:smoke:
  11. This is the reason why you have 2 testicles.
  12. my nuts ache now..fuck
  13. that's fucked up. i'm glad i'm a female.
  14. i guess he really took... the ball.
  15. Owwwww I wish that upon no man!
  16. If only they had been in your wife's purse you'd have been safe:)
  17. What do you mean you heard it pop? Testicles don't pop like balloons, they get smushed.
  18. holy crap man, how has he changed?
    that sounds like the most painful thing to ever happen to another man ever, fuck that shit.
  19. Why did i have to read this man
    my balls are hurting just thinking of that

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