My fucked up day.

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  1. Well I woke up feeling like shit today,I was just fucking off all day for some reason.
    I went to work.

    Came home,
    I read a bulletin from a close friend of my close friend who is like a brother to me.

    "Homeboy been in a bad accident,going to ORMC now.He was airlifted."

    This was at 12:13am last night.
    Im like oh shit,I hope its not my bro.

    I check my bros girlfriends myspace, "Going to ORMC,(My bros name) was in a car accident.

    Well Im like fuck.Trippin out bad.
    He just got he car fixed,He drives like he is always playing ridge racer,blah blah.

    I call his moms cell,leave message,
    He calls back,He sounds rough.
    Well he was in a head on with a truck,He was being a fucking idiot,He crossed a double line to pass a car he thought he could beat the truck coming down the other lane.He was wrong.Car is totaled,Broken rib,Femur,wrist,Smashed face,But alive,Luckly alive.He said if he didn't have his seat belt on he would surely be dead.

    Hes like well I can't walk,I kinda want to be at home right now,and Im alittle light headed.
    At that I let him off the phone,Rolled a blunt,and said a little pray for my bro,and sparked up.

    That was my day,How about yours?:smoking:
  2. Same thing happened to my bro :eek: Oh wait same bros :p
  3. I'm really sorry, man. Just be glad that he is alive, and an even better sign is that he can talk to you on the phone so soon after.

    My next blunt is for Smokey-Eye's bro.
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    Damn bro, I feel for you. I remember back in the day, my boy's mom called my house in hysterics one day. Turns out my boy had been playing baseball and a runner ran right into him. When it happened, I guess the runner knee'd my boy in the stomach (on accident of course), which caused him to start bleeding internally, so they had to rush him into emergency surgery. when my mom and I got there, his mom, dad and sister were all in tears. we chilled there with them until he got out of surgery a few hours later, and to this day afaik he's fine with just a giant scar down the front of his chest.

    Hope your boy gets better and learns something from driving like a jackass. I'll take a rip for him :hello:
  5. Hopefully your boy gets better.

    Next bowl goes to him.
  6. I spoke to my other bro about him a hour back or so.

    He is in alot of pain,but he will pull through and be fine.

    I actually got the correct story from that friend,for I couldn't completely understand my bro on the phone.

    He was actually kinda at fault kinda not,it all seems real stretchy at this point.
    No one exactly knows it seems.

    But I appreciate the tokes and Im sure he will too once he gets all his shit straited out.

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