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my fucked up day today *story under the influence* read please

Discussion in 'General' started by CHRONIKKKK, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. ok so this is my day ......ighh right then i found this expensive fone right ... and i was like

    dammn i can sell it and buy a lot of weed n jus go smokin up in smoke for another like

    1-2 weeks ... but it didnt happen...............what happened was that somehow in my high

    ass unconc eoust state of mind cound tell shit and so like these jipsys come all on us and

    shit ...telling us if we wanna buy there fone and we pulled our phone out and they l;iked

    it and we made the cgange .... so like after that we went away and like we look at the

    fone and its a toy ... a fucking toy we tryed going back to the guys but they dissapeared

    so we were fucked .... no money some weed i smoked up again.. today was a fully high

    day. anywaes after this i went wid my friend to this place to smoke it up again .. and we

    jus sat and smoked again .. and we chilled and smoked till i had to go for my lessons with

    someone for logics .... wich was horrible .. the dudes cool and all but its jus wayy tooo

    muuch work and after that i got lost in the romanian ghetto and then i went homebut

    pissed off all i have to say yeah iim chillin at home and smokin weed jus having fun

    after this weird ass day ....i jus feel so clear and nice and shit ..... so yeah if anything in

    this thing doesent make sence sorry .... but seriously now .... its happened to me before

    peace gc :smoking::smoking::smoking::D

    i am disoriented
  2. Well not for nothing but the only thing that doesnt make sense is your spelling and grammar.
  3. Something about a phone?
  4. I'm not sure whether to congratulate or shun you...

    Man, I wish everyone passed English class.
  5. did i fuck that text up ?.. and i dont usually spell like that its just that im really high ..... did i fuck it all up tho ?
  6. it sounded to me like he saw a toy phone sitting somewhere n wanted to steal it, ended up trading his own phone for it, and later finding out it was a toy.

    ive never seen any gypsies, but he said this wasnt the first time hes been swindled like this, id like to know more about these gypsies...borat says their tears protect you from aids...
  7. honestly ive never heard a boring story that had gypsies in it

  8. this mans either sober .. or hes higher than me

    ok thats not what happened ... i went to sell my phone and i was high ...... and thes guys (gypsies) came up to me and my friend and asked us if we got a phone to sell and we sayed we did .. so they saw my fone and liked it ... and then they pulled out a diffrent fone .. way nicer and asked if we wanna switch fones ... so i see his fone all nicer and shit and more expensive and sayed ok .... then after like 5 minutes i realized it was a plastic toy that i had just traded in with my fone so yeah
  9. I think he found an expencive phone that he was planning to sell for weed but traded it for what he thought was another phone but it was a toy so he got fucked? Is that about right?
  10. wht u high on dxm son?
  11. Guys I don't think he's from an english-speaking country.

    Last time I checked we don't have "gypsies" or "romanian ghettoes" here ;-)

    Or maybe he's just really high and thinks he's in eastern europe :D
  12. ok now im sober and i can clear it up ... i am from canada .. but moved to austria then moved to romania .... so its a long story .. that doesent matter

    i speak english perfectly ive finished high school in canada i was really messed up when i wrote this .. im really sorry ... but yeah i basically got a toy fone for a real nice motorolla v3 fone ... and got fucked over .. (i found the v3) but still ... so yeah it was a really fucked up day ... but ended up good ... cuz i got really wasted and high and felt great :D

    thats why we stonners .... we get high and jus go on with our lives not feeling like a complete ass after you do something stupid :D

    and i was high on a lot of weed (like 3 - 4 nice jointz) a lot of xanax (5 mg) and a lot of ambien (30 mg)
  13. thanks for clearing that up. I love how everyone on here tries to "crack the code" whenever someone posts a completely disjointed story because they're ripped out of their gourd. That's why I love this place!

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