my 'fuck the police' story

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  1. this is my fuck the police story.

    it all started tonight at about 10.30 i went to a buddies house, i chilled there for a while, while he smoked a few bowls and we listened to some techno music. i didnt smoke anything because i was feeling a bit tired so he gave me a dexedrine pill to give me some energy. i bought a stick off him (1 gram) and 2 more dexedrine pills for $25, he asked me if i wanted to drop some ecstasy but i said no, so he didnt either.

    then we decided we were gonna go out to paint(do graffiti), i didnt know the area too well because i've never been there before so we jump in my car and drive to a near by suburb and we plan on doing pieces in the canels. so we get there and i park the car and leave the weed and 2 dexedrine in the car. we walk not even 200 metres and a cop pulls up with his spot light on and tells me to come over to the car. the conversation went like this:

    cop: where are you going
    me: im coming from a friends house and im going to my house
    cop: where are you from
    me: i live in ******** and my friend lives in ******* i was at his house and we're going back to my house
    cop: ever been in trouble with the police before?
    me: no
    *cop asks for i.d so i give it to him then he runs it through his computer*
    cop: ever been in trouble with the police before?
    me: umm maybe like before i was 18
    cop: what about in 2005
    me: oh yeah i think some stealing but thats about it
    cop: anything else?
    me: nah nothing else
    cop: well it says here you got in trouble for cannabis and now im going to search you because you said no
    me: that was ages ago i cant remember that far back, it was like 5 years ago.

    then he gets out of the car and tells me to put my bag on the ground, he then searches it and finds like 8 half empty spray cans. so he calls up his pig buddies and like 5 minutes later another cop car pulls up and 2 officers get out and starts searching and questioning my friend.

    we made up this bullshit story that the cans were for a legal wall and we were going back to my house and gonna paint the legal wall tomorow. he didnt buy it coz he found our cameras with our work in it and takes our tags down, and our names and says we'll get a fine in the mail, he confiscates the paint. and then they all fuck off.

    then my friend realizes they took his wallet and then i have to call them back up and tell them to come back and give it to him. so we wait like 30 minutes and they never showed up so i drove my car back to my friends house, as i was driving back they call me up and say they left it on a car, my friends like u gotta go back im like fuck it ill drop u at the top of the street, u can walk down and get a taxi home.

    so i drop him off and drive home, get home a bit sad because now i got a $200 fine and they took all my paint. but i still have the 2 pills and a gram of weed. i chopped up and had a few bowls and wrote this down.

    the cops were being real assholes too and teasing me cause i carried an umbrella in my bag, they were thinking about taking my camera too but they didnt. oh yeah and they were like 'why do u graffiti, what if i came and pissed on your house or pissed on your letterbox' i was like 'i wouldnt like that'. anyway i say fuck the police all i was gonna do was a bit of graffiti in a canel where theres already lots of graffiti. fuck da police!
  2. Firstly you should have looked at the police officer and laughed becuase he had no right to search you. He did becuase you let him. Next time say "Am I free to go or are you going to detain me without cause?" Then walk away becuase you were'nt doing anything wrong. But what a dick for searching you. Never talk to the cops, they are trained to make you think they have authority.
  3. and now i have to wait for the fine in the mail and hope that my mum doesnt see it, its good that i didnt get charged though.

    the officer said to me 'we can take u down the police station and you can fight it in court' and i was like 'nah its okay ill just walk home now' and left. the followed us for about 500 metres and made sure we walked the right way back to my house.

    and i was like 'about the spray paint, why are u taking it off me im over 18 im allowed to have it' and he was like 'because we believe you are going to do graffiti with it'.

    what a fuckin asshole huh.
  4. Damn that's some bullshit. My mate recently got done for writing aswell. He got a pretty hefty fine and some community service.

    I fucking hate those crooked cops like the ones in your story. Most of them are just bitter because their wife is fucking the neighbour behind their back haha.

  5. Yeah my friend and I were getting some taco bell one night and in my backpack I had an eighth and some cans of paint cause we were going to go down to the sewers after a while. But on the way out a cop started talking to us cause I think we maybe smelled like smoke. Anyway, he asked to look in my backpack and we straight up booked it. I didn't hear his sirens or anything so I don't think he chased us, but I go back to that taco bell all the time baked as hell and nothing ever happens.

    Fuck cops.
  6. You never should have even talked to him, just kept walking. He had nothing on you and you dug yourself into a hole. This is good practice though, remember, they must have you do something illegal for them to do that. He probably said give me your license in a very authoritative manor. That's quite typical, just laugh at him. I used to be a psychology buff and would use hand gestures and body language to show I was boss not them. It pisses them off but they can't do shit unless you've done something illegal. You got in trouble years before and that's reasonable suspicion, then you had the video cameras, that's probable cause. Remember dude, FUCK THE POLICE!!! except when they do good stuff.
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    yeah my friend was like saying this to the cop "why are u stopping us we havent done anything wrong' and the cop was like "because im a sargent and theres been alot of break ins in this area and you two were walking around at this time with your hoods on and we have reason to believe your doing something wrong". he let the other 2 cops that showed up search his bag and get his i.d and shit too.

    oh and on my keyring i have this little pocket knife sorta thing, it has scissors and a knife on it, and he was like 'your not allowed to have this, its considered a weapon its a knife' and i was like 'i didnt know that' he then goes 'i could give u a $500 fine for it but ill make a deal with you and let you throw it out' so i was like 'yeah ill do that. i never ended up throwing it out its worth like $50.

  8. They always use bullshit stories like that, one time i got stopped and they said they wanted to search me for a blade as there had been alot of stabbings in the area, fucking bullshit, guy just wanted to give me shit cos his wife is sucking the gardeners dick hahaha.
  9. i sorta feel bad i left my friend like heaps far away from where it was, he was heaps stoned and i didnt know the area and he said just drop me off here, i was like do u have ur phone on you, and he said no then he got out and started walking.

    he's probably out there somewhere without his wallet tryin to get back home, he asked me to wait for him and he'd give me $10 but i was like nah i just wanna get home.

    so i cant even call him to see if he got his wallet back or home okay.
  10. legit dude. Just say are you going to detain me for walking back on a chilly night with my hood up, or am I free to go. if he says no ramble off all your rights, demand it all, if he says no to anything, anything he finds is inadmissable in the court of law. I had a knife taken from me, I used it to cut rope cause I'm a sailor, so pissed.
  11. Fucked up. I hate cops.
  12. haha i just got a message from my friend it reads "fuck u man they werent even going to be there they were just leaving my wallet on a blue car. and thanx too u i almost lost my wallet and u cost me over an hours walk peace"

    so i think he was kinda pissed, i sent a message back saying it was fucked up oh well cant do much now.
  13. That usually leads to being thrown on the floor with your shoes off while they toss your car. Tends to make the situation alot worse here.

    That doesn't work for everyone.
  14. So after driving your friend around and getting caught, you made him walk home?
  15. Fuck the police, no justice, no peace.

  16. ya for real, i would be as pissed as your friend also. :devious:
  17. "sorry sir, but we're going to have to search you for a penis, there's been alot of rapings in the area lately."
  18. yeah well i had weed in the car and i didnt want the cops to see that i had a car, they might have searched it and found the weed. when i was talkin to them on the phone they said they would wait there for us to go back, so i dropped my friend off. i told him to catch a taxi home and asked if he had enough money for a taxi, he said he did. so he didnt have to walk home, theres taxis all around that area.
  19. Why the fuck would you keep your empty cans? If your on the freight yard ditch em in the woods, if your bombing ditch em in a dumpster. O well lesson learned. Sorry for that shit man, and yea fuck the police

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