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Cancer My frient's frient has a ganglion cyst on his neck, got a couple of questions about RSO

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by teediz, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. So my friend's friend was recently diagnosed with a ganglion cyst, and I'm trying my best to help him. But I have a couple of questions about RSO.

    1. Me and my friend would go anywhere to get some RSO, we are not very good with weed and since we live in a non-legal states it's kinda hard to get a load of weed, but we do not know the best places to get some RSO. Colorado? Washington? Amsterdam?

    2. I saw on Rick Simpson's website that he talked about dosage, is that for everyone or does it depend on the age/weight of the patient?

    3. Once we get the RSO, do we apply it right on the cyst or do we consume it? I'm wondering if it's different considering it's a cyst.

    And also does smoking weed in general would help him?

    If you have any questions about my questions feel free to ask them!

    Thanks ALOT.
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  2. 1) If I were in a non legal state, I would do my best to find folks who are in the world of compassionate cannabis care. There is always some good soul out their making the cannabis oil to heal. I would start looking up in your area anyone involved in medical marijuana.

    2) RSO full oil dose is too strong. Start with doing a few weeks worth of just a small bead or bb size. See how it goes and if there is some shrinkage, keep going with it. If it's cancerous, go with the full 60 mls. Pm me with questions. :)

    3) You didn't mention anything about cancer so I am guessing it is just a benign cyst? It wouldn't hurt to try ingesting the oil to see if the cyst will respond. It seems to with cancerous tumors but cysts are different. It's non toxic so it wont hurt to try. Externally, try a caster oil pack. (google it) That will aide in shrinkage.

    3) Smoking weed will help for pain, not shrinking tumors or cysts. Smoking is for pain, oil is for healing, juicing is for over all health.
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