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my friends

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Renkluaf, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. hey everyone. Yesterday I was smokin some blueberry at a friend's place. A thing about these friend's is that they think they are never wrong.
    They bust up a huge pile and we start ripping the bong and my friend comes out and says "If you hold your breathe for 20 seconds after you take a toke, that's how you absorb 100% of the thc " I almost fell off my chair. I told them everytime they try and hold their breathe that all they are doing is harming themselves because thc is almost absorbed instantly.

    I put this is in the apprentice section to the let the apprentices know that if you take a hit and believe holding your breathe gets you higher, your an idiot, it's called lightheaded from lack of oxygen to the brain.

    have a great night im going to hot box the walk in closet with a couple buddies. peace.
  2. More time holding it in= more exposure time = more thc exposure = larger high

    The 20 seconds thing is really iffy and probably not true.

    Btw you're telling me that you instantly let out your hit after you inhale it? wtf dude

  3. ^this^ (love ignorant friends)
  4. After 4 seconds without any oxygen in the lungs, small, but permanent brain damage occurs. A toke, with an inhale of air after, and a 3 second hold will set you straight. Thc is absorbed almost instantly in the lungs, so holding hits in longer just does not work. As stated before, you can feel a bit light headed or head rushed which adds to the high, but is a bad sign that you are possibly harming your brain. Marijuana doesn't kill brain cells, but lack of oxygen does.
  5. O, lol now i know! Ty btw.
  6. its around 5-10 seconds not 20, 20 seconds would just fuck you up completly
  7. Is this really true? I feel pretty stupid if it is, for some reason taking a breath after taking a hit just seemed to make sense to me.

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