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My friends week was laced with crack

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dank77, May 30, 2009.

  1. He took a test to see what he came back positive for, and it was positive for THC... And crack! He even sent it to a lab to make sure. And whaddya know? Still positive
  2. Weed not week LOL
  3. Okay, and for some reason you didn't see crack all over your bud?

    Seems sketchy to me.
  4. I find that highly unlikely. Do you understand how expensive crack is in comparison to weed? Unless he wanted it laced nobody's going to put something expensive in something less expensive.. doesn't sound too logical.
  5. so he sent illegal drugs to a lab to test it?

  6. Seriously. No one laces bud unless you ask for it to be laced. It's just losing the dealer money.

    Your friend probably smokes crack.
  7. The way he stated it sounds like his friend went to a DT and came back positive for THC and crack, but my statement still stands.
  8. Sunday through saturday, laced with crack.

    What a god damn shame.
  9. Word. That's like putting chrome 22's on a junked out '84 Nissan Stanza. There are not enough idiots in the world for you to know someone who has.
  10. The DT wouldnt come back positive for crack, it would come back positive for cocaine. Your friend is lying to you to make himself look cool or some shit. maybe he's trying to cover up why he was "tripping" when he took two hits or some shit.

    But apart from being skeptical, did you *see* the results on paper?
  11. Sure it did.
  12. im sorry man but your friend is a liar. i dont think your friend sent his weed to be tested by a lab, weed is illegal. and there is no test that tests for crack, but you can test for cocaine. not to mention no one would waste their money to lace your bud, its way to damn expensive to lace your bud, it would have to be $20+ a gram.

    you have been played by your friend
  13. 1. *weed

    2. what fucking lab tests weed for laceage?

  14. haha.

    and op...your friend sounds like a real idiot.
  15. ah you beat me to my number 3, what an asshole.
  16. Exactly! :hello:
  17. hahaha, laceage!


    "Nurse, would you bring in the tests please?"

    "Yes, Doctor I have the results from the Lace-o-Meter right here"

    "Thank you. Now, let's have a look. Ah yes, it's as I thought. There is a zero percent chance of laceage in this sample."

  18. He sent in his piss to be analyzed. And this was only his second time burning, he is the last person to do crack LOL

    I never saw his weed, but his friend bought it for him. His brother (he's 26) ended up finding the paperwork, so that is how I know he's not lying
  19. People lace weed around here and sell it for 3 times as much.
  20. I have no idea what his friend paid, or what kind of bud it was

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