My friend's uncle gave him a plant

Discussion in 'General' started by WanusPieHole, Apr 20, 2003.

  1. i just had to post something thing here about this (partly cause im blazed and taking vicodin) cause i thought this was really cool. My best friend's uncle just gave him a weed plant today, and his uncle and his dad are gunna smoke him out tonight, isnt that awsome ? His dad didn't even know he did it, just decided to give him a plant and turns out they're all a bunch of potheads. Right now his plant is just a seedling, so i think his mom wont know what it is if she finds it. but yeah, just thought that that was totally awsome, now im gunna see if i can get away from my family and get to his house before his uncle leaves. peace all.
  2. he have all the equipment to take care of his new baby?
  3. its always kewl when parents smoke with their kids... and uncles too!:)

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