My friends shitty day at work.

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  1. Alright so I just got this message from my friend who lives in Norway right now. I just had to share it with you guys. It's messed up.
    Unedited copy/pasted straight from my inbox.

    "Aight yesterday at work, i got aassualted by a fat black 40 year old american woman... I told her to use the other cashier because i was finished for the day.... Now i have to sit down and have a chat with the boss about what happened.
    She said i was being rude and had an attitude towards black people, and that she would kick my racist ass back to sweden (she thought i was swedish for some reason) Then i said "WHAT the FUCK, did you just threaten me?, and went into her face, then she grabs my throat and says "we are not in sweden now" i push her hand away say fuck you, walk away and tell the guy who was temporarily in charge of the store what happened cuz the boss was on holiday. He goes and talks with her, calms her down and tells her to leave.

    Crazy ass bitch"
  2. Man that sucks for him, Iv'e had to deal with violent people like that at work and its horrible. Why'd she think he was from Sweden though? haha
  3. I have no idea haha
    I asked him but I'm still waiting for his reply. I'll post it once he does or if i get any more info.
  4. woman or not, if anyone tried to touch me in anyway to hurt me I'd go apeshit on them
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    Welcome to America! I'm surprised the race card wasn't pulled and she didn't blow that out of proportion.

    Tell your friend to watch the countless videos online and see if it was a similar experience.
  6. this is why so many people hate americans.. sounds like that ignorant bitch needs to get dropped.
  7. shoulda stopped everything after she grabbed him. then proceed to ruin her life.
  8. Racism has lost it's fucking meaning nowadays, it's stupid.

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