My friend's shitty dad wasted his college tuition money.

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    My best friend, let's call him B, is currently attending college at a state school. He wants to become a doctor, and he's more than capable of doing it. He's double majoring in Pre-med and Physics. I've known this guy since we were both 10, and can honestly say that he is really smart and would be a great doctor. B doesn't look like much, but he's more intelligent than most people I've met, and though he doesn't brag, his academic credentials are formidable. He's taken a lot of shit in his life, and just shrugs it all off.

    Unfortunately, B's useless waste of space dad spent his college tuition money (money that he claimed he had already paid to the university). This guy is utterly detestable, and has no grasp on reality at all. He's stupid, desgusting, a severe alcoholic, might be clinically insane, probably got B's younger brother introduced to hard drugs, and just all around a horrible person. I've never met or even heard of someone more disgusting or inept than this man. All I've ever seen him do is stumble around, spilling beer and food on himself and everything else, yelling retarded shit, and occasionally breaking stuff. Back when B used to live in his dad's house for part of the week, he couldn't trust any of the food there, and his dad regularly did things like pissing on his bed or putting dog shit in it as a "prank", or waking B up by putting his dick in his face because that was his idea of funny.

    I have no idea how my friend came to exist with genes from that useless oaf. B actually takes "bastard" as a compliment.

    His mom and step-dad also live in the same city, (before, he stayed with them during the part of the week he didn't have to live with his dad) but they have two children of their own and despite their relatively high income they can't contribute much to B's college tuition because of other expenses, (including B's brother's bail, which if you ask me probably shouldn't take priority over B's education, but nobody did ask me. He's already a meth addicted car thief who got kicked out of every high school in town. Why should he get more chances than the brother who graduated from one of the best high schools in the US, has a job, got into college, and has more than a decent shot of getting through med school?)

    How could I help? I'm a college student myself, and I have virtually no income. The only reason I'm not in massive debt is because I got a merit scholarship, and I know that 60% of the reason I have that is luck.

    B is white and male, with no physical disabilities, so he doesn't qualify for many supplemental college grants, and the ones he does qualify for are very competitive. The university he is attending told him he couldn't get more loans because he already chose a loam amount, and they won't let him change it. Because B's mom and stepdad's income is relatively high, he dosen't qualify for subsidized federal loans, even though he does not live with them and they are not supporting him now. Switching to community college would mean less loans, but also hurt his chances of getting in to med school, and if he graduates med school, he will be able to pay off high loans.

    What would be your advice for B? What could I do to help him?

    This guy does not deserve all the horrible shit that's happened to him recently. His dog died, the girl he was after is uninterested but is leading him on anyway, his back is fucked up, and his life is just seriously fucked up right now.

    What could my friend do to be able to afford a medical degree?
  2. Apply for grants scholarships and loans.
  3. So of what I read the dad spent HIS money . That he was suposed to use for his sons college?
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    no for real idk man that sucks about his Dad, hopefully he stays in school
  5. You would really need to work the fuck out of the situation to make it work, there would be alot to do, most you could do is just help him form out some kind of plan of attack and help carry it out, but other than that he's probably fucked, sad to say.

    Good luck, don't give up on gettin that money son.
  6. Don't tell me you think this was justified simply because it was his father's money.

  7. The dad lied.
    He claimed that he had already paid the college, but instead spent it elsewhere.

    If he hadn't done that, there would have been time to work something out before my friend was just about to start a semester that he had no way of paying for.

  8. Oh okay needed a TDLR lazy/high i only read that part why i asked.
    shit dad
  9. Damn, it sucks to see such a great opportunity potentially go down the drain :/ hopefully B is able to get some grants or scholarships!!
  10. What a waste of a parent. Hope that sack of shit wakes up from his dream.

    This next bag is for B.
  11. Damn man, shit like this really puts it into perspective for me. It makes me realize how fortunate I am to have the life I do. I have two loving parents, pets, a phone, decent job, iPod, TV, car and many other things I take for granted. I have a supportive family that's helping me out with college expenses and providing me guidance. Everything most people don't have all of.

    I'm sorry that your friend is in this situation, looks like he's between a rock and a hard place. He's going to have to search high and low for scholarships and financial aid, maybe he could start applying for FAFSA loans and Pell Grants claiming his own income, (which is probably lower) instead of his parents so he could get more money. I wish him luck.

    Live long and prosper man.
  12. B's dad should be sent to jail/rehab, that's a tough situation. I would also say just apply for scholarships.
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    B is refiling the FAFSA on his own, but I think it's too late for him to get a better aid package before the spring semester starts. It will certainly help with next semester, but probably not eliminate loans entirely.

    I've been searching for scholarships and grants he's eligible for. The trouble is, most of them are reverse-racist or sexist, or are aimed at helping some particular group. My friend here is a white straight male who isn't handicapped. He's not in the military and he isn't a cancer survivor. He's just a shit family survivor. He doesn't check the boxes.

    None of these scholarships are for "academically qualified physics student" or "students pursuing pre-med or related degrees."
    They're for "female students studying in the medical field" or "Outstanding black or hispanic students" "students who have or with a family member who has multiple sclerosis" or "LGBT college attendees".

    He just dosen't check the boxes.
    I found an American Atheists Society scholarship for $1000-2000, but it's a contest prize, and idk how competitive it is.
    Another $2,500 that was basically just a raffle, and therefore unlikely for him to get.
    Society of Physics students had one, but he can't apply till next summer.

    I'll take a look at some professional medical associations' websites, but I'm not terribly hopeful. They'll probably have scholarships, but not for pre-med students. They'd rather fund students already accepted to med school who are interested in their particular branch of medicine.
  14. B can complete his studies in a different country with cheaper tuition perhaps? And then come back to the states if he wants to.
  15. I don't know what scholarships are, but if B found out he was 'Bi-sexual' and came out of the closet what could he get from the 'LGBT college attendees'

  16. This, i've known a couple people that have gone to medical school in mexico and it's relatively easier to get into med school there too.

    Best of luck to your friend, sorry that his dad has no concept of morality.

  17. That is a drastic response, but actually isn't a half bad idea.

    I almost went to China for college myself (I do speak Chinese, as a second language). My entire cost of attendance would have been about 400 US$ a year with the Chinese government scholarship for foreign students. (Even without it, though it'd have been about $3000 US, so waaay cheaper than the states.) I changed my mind because I found a school here I liked, got a good merit scholarship, and because the Chinese higher education system is not great (they excel at elementary through high school, though).

    B only speaks English though, which kinda limits the places he could go. Where would you suggest?

    Either way, it'd probably be a last resort for him. Big change and all, I don't know if he'd be willing to just move to another country. Maybe if he moved already when he first went to college, but the school he's at now is in the same city that he's lived in since elementary school. If he just moved last year, I could see him leaving, but its less likely since he's still in Tucson.

  18. canada.

  19. I'm sure your friend is capable of learning spanish in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a physician.

    Obviously he'd find out if this is even an option, but i'm sure he'd have a better chance of becoming a physician in a different country than here.
  20. I like how some of these people are defending the father, just because they can argue.

    Yeah, it was his money that he saved up, but he saved it for his college, and he probably spent it on drugs, gambling or booze. Now tell me, this kid probably went through shit, like the rest of us. Yeah, he's in college blah blah blah, but college aint cheap && i'm sure he doesn't have much time for a whole lot of hours on a job. medical students lifes revolve around their school.

    So, don't defend his dad, I guarantee his dad didn't accomplish much in his sons life, and this was the only way he could do so, but he put it up in smoke.

    Anyway, if his grades are good, excellent attendance, recommendations, his back ground story he could easily get a grant or scholarship, just like that. So don't fret about it....just know he can't depend on his dad for anything, if he couldn't do this one simple thing..

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