My friends mom took my vape

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  1. so i recently bought a mflb vape, and my friend wanted to borrow it, so i lent it to him. the next morning he texted me and said his mom found it and took it, now she wont give it back, and she tells me she wants me dead everytime i ask her for it, what should i do?

  2. rock her in the face take it and run

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  3. Buy another one and stop lending things to this guy :p 
  4. You can buy two MFLB's right now for Valentine's Day for only $150, throw down with your friend so you don't have to lend yours to him anymore.
  5. Have your friend buy you a new one
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    She wants you dead?? For vaping weed? Can't imagine what she'd wish upon someone who drinks alcohol !!
  7. Um. That's your property. Get it back
  8. Looks like someone owes you a new vape! No matter what he says, it was in his possession and he lost it. Regardless if his mom took it, he should have hid it better.

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  9. Stop playing with kids.
  10. Lol So you're like 12? Why even give it to a friend's mom.
  11. So your friend isn't taking responsibility? Kick his fucking ass and get it back or your money.
  12. Get your friend to steal it back, what the fuck is up with all these threads of people leaving their vapes with people, like grab a brain lol. 
  13. The only real option here is to obviously seduce her. You know she wants you when she says she wants you dead.
  14. Obviously your friend is not 18, which begs the question- are you? To which is say no... And if in fact you are, then as to why you haven't gone over there face to face and asked her is yet another unanswered question. So at the end of the day your a dumb minor who gave his expensive illegal piece of equipment to another dumb minor- you don't deserve to get it back....

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    lol my friends mom took my slide. i'm 27. now i go outside if im over there and want to smoke
    respect the elders
    remember - if they're in their 50's, they partied through the 70's - it's inspiring they are alive at all
  16. Hypocrits. All of them.
    wow that must suck to cut yourself off from all those people who've already made the mistakes you've made,
    and limit yourself to your own experience
    it's like running around with a blindfold on
  18. What the fuck are you talking about?

    Are you high?
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    it's in english
    it's a response. to you. calling all old people hypocrites.
    what I'm doing here is offering a more open perspective
    to help you learn more in life with less pain
    cause i care about you as a person.
  20. I agree, your friend owes you a new vape.

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