My friend's innocent mistakes...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by InAllSeriousnes, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Alright so I have this friend who just now really got into seriously smoking. Anyways he manages to do some rather "unwise" things from lack of experience i guess...and here they are...

    1. Negotiate a deal to take place at MY house

    2. Leave weed in a folded up paper all taped up on MY dresser

    3. Front a guy some money (However he did get his money back so he was rather lucky)

    Anybody else have some friends a little like this or the above mentioned?
  2. Yes my friend does stupid shit all the time like

    Not see weed is sitting somewhere then sit on it/brush it off

    Puke when smoking

    torch bowls

    Mad more I cant even think of atm
  3. i've got a friend who's been smoking for a few years longer then me but still does stupid shit that pisses me off.

    everytime we vape in my room, no matter how many times i tell him to keep his voice down, he always has to talk extremely loud about weed and how high he is. shits really annoying especially when you live at home with parents who arn't down with the herb.

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