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  1. Is polish as fuck and we smoke tons of tree in her basement, not to mention the fact she can barely speak English. She gets pretty pissed whenever we smoke but we do it anyways because she really can't say no to her grandson. Mind you this woman is about 70 years old, foreign and hates weed; I'm pretty sure you can imagine visually how incredibly hilarious this is. So when she comes downstairs to "check" on us she always says "God damn it, i hate it when you kids smoke that pie" Pie? Lol she really means pot but it comes out pie. Everytime she says that i bite my tongue cause i don't want to be disrespectful. This post was kind of pointless and it took me like 50 mins to write this...i think its cause i can't stop laughing maybe thats why i find this as a worthy post. I hope you find humor in this as much as i have lololol..

  2. Grandmothers are awesome. As you stated, make sure you're as respectful as possible. My grandmother found an ounce I had when I was 14. I had it broken down into 2-3 gram bags for daily use. She made sure I wasn't dealing (which I wasn't). When she realized I was being completely honest with her, she started giving me a bag a day until it was gone, so long as I proved to her I could be responsible and not let it get in the way of my academics & sports performance/motivation. My grandmother was pretty badass in her day as well (still is). She used to street race her 1953 Cadillac and is the most honest, caring & easy to talk to woman/person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The world needs more women like her in this world.
  3. smoking in her basement seems pretty disrespectful
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    Did you live with your grandma? And I agree, grandmas kick ass! Mine knows I smoke, never discuss it with her, but she's cool as all hell. She's super caring and generous, always wants to give you what she has, feed you, buy you a soda or beer or bag of chips. Definetly glad to have someone like her in my life.
    By the way, did you smoke 2-3gs a day when you were 14?
  5. I lol'd @ polish as fuck
  6. I saw her a lot when I was in my early childhood, but then was forced to live with my grandparents from 9 until 18. Yes, I smoked a lot when I was younger. Drank a lot too. I had my fun. If I met the 14-15 year old me today, he would smoke and drink me under the table and still be walking straight. No hangovers back then. Oh well, lol.
  7. seems like pure comedy to me OP lol. 
  8. I think 'pie' is polish slang for 'shit'.
      you know, like a "cow-pie".
     I would never smoke in a person's house without complete consent to do so.  That's a dick move.
  9. You guys should have a smoke and then do a bunch of yard work for her
  10. sounds incredibly disrespectful,,,,
    Your lucky to have her as a grandmother lol. We really do need more women like that in the world.
  12. You look like a douche in your profile picture thing, no offense  :ey: 
  13. My grandma is pretty nice too. Although when I was about 16 my dad told her I had some pot and he said she was upset, idk how true that is/was though, but now she is chill.
    Shes a pretty cool lady, she doesn't really care.
    I get that allot, im really a nice person lol. But i understand.
    We aren't disrespectful dickheads to her, she just hates when we smoke weed in her basement...shes 70 she could really care less..she'd thinks its harmful to us thats why she hates it

     I'm not even gonna bother with this trollshit.

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