my friends got busted, i narrowly escaped

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  1. okay, so on friday me and my two best smoking buddies were tokin up in my room and playing video games. we decided to go walk into town to get some food (my house is like a block away from town). as we are crossing the street, we see a cop roll by. it is one of the cops that regularily harrasses me and my friends, so i wave to him. he waves back and then pulls into a parking space right infront of us. the fucker steps out of the car and looks at one of my friends who's hands are in his hoodie. "take your hands out of your pocket," the pig said in his high voice. the guy has a voice like his damn balls were chopped off- which is probably why he became a cop, so he could feel like a man by harrassing kids. but anyway, my friend takes his hands out of his pocket, and in one of his hands is a g of some dank. i dont know why he didnt drop it into his pocket!! but the cop goes "whoa-ho-ho! whats that? some weed?" and then he says something into his radio about 3 individuals in possession. i told him i didnt do anything and am leaving. he said no, sit down. i repeated what i said and he yelled at me to sit down. so me and my friends sit down at these tables in front of an ice cream store, and he asks us if we have anything on other friend says no, even tho he has a bubbler and an 8th. and then the cop makes him empty his pockets- and he wouldnt let him wait for some little kids to pass. "whoa! thats a pretty big bowl you got there!" the asshole said condescendingly. he tells me to empty my pockets, and theres nothing. he then proceeds to pat me down and stick his hands in my pockets, but not before asking if i had any needles on my... what a fucking asshole. anyway, i got off but my friends are fucked. it sucks because the asshole busted us right in the middle of town and everyone saw (i live in a really small suburb in the north shore of chicago). we are incredibly pissed off because he illegally searched us and said he could because we looked stoned. and now my advisor is going to yell at me at school because the cops told him, even tho i didnt do anything.

    fuck small town pigs who have nothing better to do.
  2. damn, that cop sounds like a fuckin asshole.
  3. he shouln't have searched you guys, he's allowed to get you to do it on your own but he can't just walk up and search you guys.

    Your friends should tell him that their gonna say that he just searched them without letting him. Your friends will probbaly scare him away from making an ass of himself in court so he won't go. Lots of times where cops screw up and they know it'll be held against them they'll just skip the court date and case dropped.
    Thats what has happened arround here when a asshole cop searched my friends car becasue his eyes were extremely red and the cop found an onze. The kids lawyer had something big to work from and that scared the cop from going to court and he was the only witness and the case was dropped.
  4. some cops are fuckin lame.....but i found it funny how you waved to his dumbass :smoking:
  5. that sucks...but to be honest, it's stupid shit like this that's gonna get kids in trouble. Your friend took out his weed in front of a cop. Who does that? Once the cop sees that he can search whomever he likes.
  6. Bet that one guy is feeling really stupid for pulling out his weed in front of a cop.
  7. It's so important to know your rights....and not to pull weed out in front of cops.

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