My friends giving me a free ounce to drive to brooklyn with him

Discussion in 'General' started by married2mj, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. I dont have to do anything except accompany him to park slope (good neighborhood) and hes giving me an ounce of some beasters for free. :hello::hello:.

    how dope is this. about to leave soon
  2. where are u at?
  3. south west connecticut. about an hour and a half drive.
  4. Yeah, do that.
    It's the least you can do. :rolleyes:.
    But congratulations dude. :)
  5. Nice, sounds like a chill friend!
  6. Nice to see more from around the area
  7. If you smoke him up a lot with weed he pretty much just gave to you for the hell of it, you will become good friends.
  8. Sounds too good to be true....
    Or maybe a little secret payback?
  9. I smoke him down a lot so he decided to hook me up. It's just reggie but hey its a free ounce, maybe an ounce and a half. And we ended up going to Bridgeport instead of Brooklyn, which saved about 3 hours.

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