My Friends First Time

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  1. This story sort of just dawned on me and I thought I'd share with you guys.

    Freshman year of high school I asked my friend T if he wanted to smoke and he finally agreed to doing it. I went to my friend A to see if he could find us some bud. He said he could we just had to go the square, center of my city, and go pick-up.

    We arrive in the square and we get it. Paid $20 for it. Another kid N ends up showing up and I decide it's cool if he smokes. A says we can smoke behind this store and he says it's cool, he's done it before supposedly back there. We decided to go back there.

    I made a ghetto bowl for the occasion just because, whatever? Anyways, I pack the bowl and take a hit. Decent bud I must say. Good amount for the $20 I paid. A takes his hit. Passes it to T. I explain how to do it. He takes his hit but did it all wrong, completely forgot to hold the carb. So he was going to re-do it and what do you know.. Undercover shows up.

    He takes out his big badge shows it to us and all that jazz. He started flipping on T telling him to take it out. He didn't have it, I did in my pocket. So while he was looking at T, I snuck it outta my pocket and tossed on the floor and pointed out it was on the floor. He told me to pick it up and dump it.

    I'm sort of panicking just for the fact I was going to get in trouble for that shit. I picked up the bag and trying to open it and I couldn't lol. I just ripped the bag open and tossed stepped on. Cop told us to get the fuck outta there. So we did. N never got his hit, he dipped. T dipped, rough first time I must say. T's a very experienced smoker now haha.

    I don't know, just thought I'd share. :smoke:
  2. Pretty dope story. Man that must have sucked for that T fellow, I think that might have ruined bud for me.
  3. I know, he didn't know if he wanted to smoke after that, be he did. :hello:

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