My friends first time last night

Discussion in 'General' started by tokingjew, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. So last night, one of my frineds came over to smoke weed for the first time. We toked up a bowl, and he wasnt felling anything. We went inside and vaped 3 bowls of the same weed. Mind you, it was soem pretty good purple bud. He wasnt feeling anything. He had also had about 5 beers because he was not felling the weed. He also hardly ever drinks. We start listening to some Pink Floyd, and I look over at him. He was trippin sooo hard. He was jamming out real good. After that, all the alcohol kicked in and he was absolutely trashed and thrown. He was acting like he was on salvia, mumbling, laughing, and wiggling around. I felt kind of bad. I only wanted him to smoke, but he started drinking. He had 6 beers and a wine glass full of vodka, and smoked/vaped 4 bowls.
  2. Damn, I think I would have vomited after the 6 beers! But, I also hate the taste of beer... but that's just me. Damn you're friend is one heavyweight
  3. ^^^ drinking 6 brews without throwing up doesnt exactly make you a tank......

    but why would you drink during your first time smoking weed, being drunk and high is a shit load different than just being high, he didnt really get the experience.....

    i would call him up again and just smoke some bud an see how he likes it.
  4. :rolleyes:
  5. ^laughing my fucking ass off :D
  6. I`m 5`10 145lbs and apperently am considered a MEGAweight, if 6 beers means yor a heavyweight that is.

  7. im a straight smokah. 3 beers will get me feelin real nice. 6 and I'll be throwed. beyond that is a bad idea for me. I know the guy in my sig made water into wine, but he didn't mean for us to drink so much we'd become something we aren't.
  8. exactly! I don't drink much, and when I do, it's because it's something that'll be tasty, not something that'll get me tanked. Plus with a wineglass full of vodka I would vomit (guess I should have included that in the first post? It also depends on how fast you drink them too... the faster you drink the faster you'll get tanked)
  9. Suace and Stephen Hawking, im with you, i dont really drink much, and i was dissapointed in my friend for drinking so much. well at least he knows his limits
  10. I drink 6 beers and feel sober.
  11. Do you do autographs?
  12. Only on tuesdays.
  13. i drink a case of beer a night at a party... and i give autographs throughout the WHOLE week
  14. Sounds like a good night TokinJew. Beer and buds fit reral nice together.
  15. I'm just like you... but im a pretty small guy, 4-5 beers to even feel anything at all...

    I rarely drink, just because I get absolutely nothing out of it... I don't enjoy it at all, but Iv always had a tolerance to it.
  16. sounds like he was having fun, man. good shit for him.
  17. well i guess while we are on the subject of getting blasted, this tuesday im going to stay home and vap 1 gram of chronic alone. wow pus my tolerance is extremely low. i mean i get pretty high only after smoking 1 bowl, ill be floating out my window:hello:
  18. talkin bout getting high my harvest is gonna be ready for consumption in 3 days and my friend's Joey has cheech and chongs record with the Big Bambu paper in it. he said we can use it.

    and we will.

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