My friends crazy experience.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by beardedknome, Aug 8, 2011.

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    Not supposed to post even stories about other drugs.... sorry...
  2. I dont think that was xanax man.. Hahaha.. What color were the bars???
  3. Trollin' son. You know it's against the rules to post a thread about other drugs!:eek:
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  5. Even stories? And I am not trolling, 4reals. I believe the images he was telling me about weren't hallucinations, have you ever been about to fall asleep and you think of random things or see weird things in you eyelids? The other day I was falling asleep and all I could think about is a car driving off of an orange cliff, I think thats what was happening but the xans made it more prominent?
  6. First off, your friend is fucked in the head.

    and more importantly, if you knew, why did you make the thread? a slap for you!
  7. Geez so much harshnessness
  8. You knew you couldn't make threads about drugs other than cannabis, yet you made one anyways. I really hope you get banned for that just for the fact that you knew damn well you couldn't make this thread.
  9. Why is every one so not chill tonight? There is really no need to be rude. A part of my mind believed that you just couldn't post threads talking about doing them yourself or getting them due to legal issues...
  10. No, its' common sense. No talking about other drugs means just that. Means no talking about your stories, no talking about getting them, talking about your friends stories, asking questions about other said drugs.

    No talking about other drugs. Simple.
  11. Alright, I took it down everybody, no need to get angry didn't read the whole rule about it, didn't think it was such a big deal. Sorry to piss off so many people. Don't wanna ruin anyone's buzz.:eek:

  12. Boo. I didn't get here in time to read it. If only there weren't so many illiterate children out there who couldn't learn to not to recommend doses/ask for recommended doses. I miss the old pandora's box so much, now it's just full of conspiracy threads :(

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