My friends are stupid

Discussion in 'General' started by ChipThaRipper, May 10, 2011.

  1. I feel like im way smarter than all of my friends and they don't say things to help their cause. For example, this morning I overhear two friends talking about workout supplements and one says to the other "you know how much better this stuff would be if there was no competition". I literally started laughing out loud and explained that they would put out a worst product for more $$, and explained thats why they got rid of monopoly's, and trust's between companies, he didnt seem to get it, and we are both in college. Anyone else hang out with idiots?
  2. hahahaha... yes... yes i do. dont get me wrong, i hang with some really good close stoner buddies n we all 4 toke together almost daily.. but.. i often question their logic.. wouldnt call em idiots.. sometimes they act like it though.. makes smoking with them that much better ;)
  3. I got rid of all my dumb friends. Nothing annoys me more than idiots.
  4. you should invite them to join gc

    we don't have enough stupid people
  5. I love to pwn people that dont know shit. Like when this kid couldnt grasp the concept of surface tension, i mean i laid it out so that a 7 year old could get it, i just kept being sarcastic and an asshole. Stupid people arnt worth your time, normally.
  6. LOL That sounds exactly like me
  7. My friends are really smart not tryna one up but yea my smoking circle has future white collar workers lol
  8. You mean blue collar?
  9. Not wanting to sound like a stuck up wanker but all my smoking mates are pretty bright, probably because they're all from the Uni I went to but still.
    It's also probably because I find idiots insufferable to be honest...
  10. Intelligence is relative to your own intelligence. If your IQ is 80, you are going to find someone with a 100 IQ to be intelligent. If you have an IQ of 125 (what I have) the average person seems on the stupid side compared to intelligent side, atleast in my opinion.
  11. Ya.. Its not really they are dumb, it's like they are to lazy to actually listen or they think they know it all already so they don't have to listen. Explaining things to most people is like talking to a brick wall, that want to argue with everything you say.
  12. Lewl, funny thread. Ive got a few smart ones and some dumb ones. The dumb ones keep it interesting..
  13. Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are.

  14. The kid that didnt understand or even know the existence of surface tension goes to the same college i do. Sadly.
  15. love the name and avatar i like fiishing as well :cool:
  16. That is hilarious your friends do sound like dunces. lol:hello:

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